2020 Campaign Contributions

The following committees received corporate campaign contributions from PG&E from July - December 2020. All contributions disclosed in this report were made in accordance with PG&E's Political Contribution Policy and Procedures.

Atkins, Toni DSenate$2,000.00
Cooper, Jim DAssembly$2,500.00
Crocker, Kuyler NPCounty Supervisor$250.00
Escutia-Braaton, Rosa NPCity Council$500.00
Flora, Heath RAssembly$2,500.00
Gipson, Mike DAssembly$2,500.00
Glazer, Steven DSenate$2,500.00
Grove, Shannon RSenate$2,500.00
Hertzberg, Robert DState Controller$2,000.00
Jones, BrianRSenate$2,500.00
Leyva, Connie M. DSenate$2,000.00
Mayes, ChadINDAssembly$2,500.00
Newman, Josh DSenate$3,000.00
Oddie, Jim NPCity Council$1,500.00
Quirk, Bill DAssembly$2,500.00
Rubio, BlancaDAssembly$2,500.00
Rubio, Susan DSenate$2,500.00
Santiago, Miguel DAssembly$2,500.00
Vella, Malia NPCity Council$1,500.00
Wilk, Scott RSenate$2,500.00
Total Corporate Contributions to Candidates  $42,750.00
Candidate/Committee/OrganizationPartyCommittee TypeAmount
Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee IAFF Local 689N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$25,000.00
Alliance to Support the Middle ClassN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Asian Americans for Good Government PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,500.00
Asian Pacific Islander Leadership PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$27,500.00
Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Large Donor Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$12,000.00
Bay Area Council Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$35,000.00
Bay Area Municipal Elections CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA) State PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Business and Community Action Committee of the Vacaville Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Business for Good Government of the Fremont Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Business Forward, Inc.N/ANon-Profit 501(c)(6)$50,000.00
Butte County Farm Bureau PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
California Alliance for Progress and Education, an Alliance of Small Business OrganizationsN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$20,000.00
California Asian Chamber of Commerce Issues Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Candidate PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
California Labor and Business Alliance (CLAB)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$250,000.00
California Neighborhood Empowerment Through Voting ProjectN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$75,000.00
California Republican PartyRPolitical Party Committee$75,000.00
California State Society of Washington D.C.N/ANon-Profit 501(c)(7)$10,000.00
Californians for Jobs and a Strong EconomyDGeneral Purpose Committee$50,000.00
Center ForwardN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4)$20,000.00
Central California Taxpayers Association Issues CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Committee for Home Ownership of the North State Building Industry AssociationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Committee on Jobs Government Reform FundN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$35,000.00
Committee to Engage and Empower California VotersN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$120,000.00
Committee to Save Caltrain, Yes on Measure RRN/ABallot Measure Committee$10,000.00
Democratic Legislative Campaign CommitteeD527 Political Organization$25,000.00
Democrats of San Luis ObispoDPolitical Party Committee$1,000.00
El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Electric Drive Transportation AssociationN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(6)$21,000.00
Engage: Promoting Women's Economic Security, Inc.N/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4)$20,000.00
Fresno Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$9,700.00
Fresno-Madera-Tulare-Kings Labor Council COPEN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,250.00
Future Forum FoundationN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(6)$20,000.00
Golden State Leadership Fund PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$60,000.00
Healthy and Safe Contra Costa, Yes on Measure XN/ABallot Measure Committee$20,000.00
Keep California GoldenN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$50,000.00
Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Marin Builders Association Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Modesto Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee - MOPACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,200.00
Monterey County Republican Central Committee (State)RPolitical Party Committee$2,000.00
Napa-Solano Counties Central Labor Council AFL-CIO,Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
No LabelsN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4)$10,000.00
North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$7,800.00
North Bay Leadership Council Issues PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
OakPAC, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Preserving Agriculture in Alameda CountyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Region Builders Political Action Committee, Sponsored by Region BusinessN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Republican Central Committee of San Luis Obispo CountyRPolitical Party Committee$5,000.00
Republican Main Street PartnershipRNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$35,000.00
Rocklin Political Action Committee Sponsored by the Rocklin Area Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Roseville Area Business Political Action Committee sponsored by Roseville Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Safer Orinda Yes on RN/ABallot Measure Committee$2,500.00
San Benito County Republican Central CommitteeRPolitical Party Committee$1,000.00
San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation Farmers United PAC - State Issues FundN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
San Joaquin Valley Latino Leaders PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,000.00
Santa Barbara County Republican Party (State Account)RPolitical Party Committee$2,500.00
Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$7,500.00
Santa Rosa Chamber Business and Community Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
SF Forward, Sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$27,500.00
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council Committee on Political Education Sponsored (COPE)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$17,500.00
The Business Council for Sustainable EnergyN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(6)$35,000.00
The California Electric Utility Industry Labor-Management Cooperation CommitteeN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(5)$50,000.00
The Congressional Institute, Inc.N/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4)$10,500.00
The Silicon Valley Organization PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
The Time is Ya PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Unity PAC, A Sponsored Committee of the Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Valley Neighborhoods United for Dave Cortese for State Senate 2020 DGeneral Purpose Committee$75,000.00
Ventura County Republican PartyRPolitical Party Committee$25,000.00
Women in Power (WIP PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$7,300.00
Yes on 16, Opportunity for All CoalitionN/ABallot Measure Committee$250,000.00
Zero Emission Transportation Association ActionN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4)$10,000.00
Total Corporate Contributions to Committees  $1,726,250.00
All Corporate Contributions July - December 2020  $1,769,000.00