October 10, 2001
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Project Crucial to Meet Area's Growing Electricity Needs

SAN FRANCISCO -- The California Public Utilities Commission today approved Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Tri-Valley 2002 Capacity Increase Project. By a 3-2 vote, the CPUC adopted Commissioner Wood's Alternate Proposed Decision that effectively overturns a previous decision by one of the Commission's administrative law judges and reaffirms much of what Pacific Gas and Electric Company had originally planned for the Tri-Valley project.

"We are heartened that the CPUC finally agrees with the core components of the original proposal that Pacific Gas and Electric Company submitted more than two years ago. We can now go ahead with our plan to meet the rapidly growing power needs of families and businesses in the Tri-Valley," said Wil Hardee, Director of Public Affairs for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

"Now that our Tri-Valley capacity project has been approved, the hard-working men and women of Pacific Gas and Electric Company look forward to rolling up their sleeves and getting to work," continued Hardee.

"Pacific Gas and Electric Company understands how vital this project is to the continued economic health of the Tri-Valley and our goal is to get this project up and running as quickly as possible."

Included in the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity that the CPUC approved today is authorization for new electrical substations in North Livermore and Dublin along with the necessary transmission lines.

The Tri-Valley upgrade is designed to ensure continued reliability of the region's electric power system for the area's residents and businesses. Communities to be served by this project include the cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and San Ramon, as well as neighboring unincorporated parts of Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Over the past 20 years, the Tri-Valley region has experienced a significant increase in demand on the area's electric power system. Demand for electricity in the Tri-Valley region has reached 98.6% of the system's capacity. Taking into consideration the Tri-Valley region's existing residents and businesses, along with the development that has already been approved by local governments, electrical demand may soon exceed the system's capacity.

Hardee praised local officials for their role in helping make the Tri-Valley 2002 Capacity Increase Project a reality. "I commend the vision and leadership provided by the Tri-Valley Business Council, City of Dublin, City of San Ramon and the City of Livermore. Without their support and dedication, this project would not have been successful," said Hardee. "When the community and Pacific Gas and Electric Company work together, good things can happen."