PG&E Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2020

Plan of Reorganization Commitments

Diversity and Inclusion

At PG&E, we are committed to making diversity and inclusion integral to all that we do. We work to ensure that our employees always feel safe on the job, that their voices and ideas are heard and that everyone experiences a sense of belonging at PG&E. We also remain focused on representing the broad diversity of the communities we serve.

When we value the unique experiences of our employees and encourage them to bring their whole selves to work, we simply get better outcomes for our customers.

–Mary King, Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Our Approach

PG&E’s efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive culture and workforce are led by our Chief Diversity Officer, with support from the senior leadership team.

The Compliance and Public Policy Committee of PG&E Corporation’s Board of Directors reviews our diversity and inclusion practices and performance. This oversight helps ensure that diversity and inclusion principles are embedded throughout the lifecycle of our talent management programs.

Key elements of our approach include engaging employees from day one, targeted employee development to level the playing field for diverse talent, an ongoing commitment to diversity among our leadership team, and furthering cultural understanding and role-modeling inclusion. In addition, our Employee Resource Groups continue to be at the forefront of PG&E’s diversity and inclusion efforts, as they have been for close to 50 years.

Employee Experience

PG&ampE Employees participate in the Pride Parade
Photo taken 2019

From day one at PG&E, we ground all employees in our commitment to and definitions of diversity and inclusion at new employee orientation:

  • Diversity is characterized by all the ways in which we are different. It is present in our job functions, work styles, experiences and ideas. Diversity cultivates new perspectives and innovation, which enable us to better serve our customers, fellow employees and shareholders.
  • Inclusion is the process of leveraging the power of our employees’ individual uniqueness to achieve our business strategies and goals, be better corporate citizens and be the best in the industry.

Employee Resource Groups and Engineering Networks

PG&E’s Employee Networks date back almost five decades. Today, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) (PDF) and Engineering Network Groups (ENGs) (PDF) promote our business objectives and support a culture of diversity and inclusion by:

  • Fostering employee belonging
  • Supporting an environment of inclusion that values and respects diversity in our workforce
  • Promoting positive relationships with the communities and customers we serve

The networks help create an environment where every employee can feel welcome and contribute to our overall business success. They assist in welcoming and mentoring new employees; provide professional and career workshops; host social networking events; and offer community support, scholarships and an environment for collaboration.

ERG members come from every level and job function and participate across 27 chapters throughout our service area. Almost one-third of all ERG members are also members of more than one ERG. More than half of PG&E’s officers are executive sponsors who serve as an advisor, mentor and advocate to one or more ERG.

Each year, our ERGs support community organizations through charitable contributions and volunteerism. Often, these grassroots organizations help to educate our workforce and, in turn, inform our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Role-Modeling Inclusion

PG&E regularly recognizes employees who embody our diversity and inclusion principles, culminating each year with the Diversity and Inclusion Awards, which honor employees for demonstrating inclusive leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion Award winners with PG&E Corporation's CEO and President and Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

Photo of Diversity and Inclusion Award winners with PG&E Corporation’s former CEO and President and Senior Vice President of Human Resources (Photo taken 2019)

2019 Milestones

A collage of people of various ethnicities and life styles.

In 2019, our Employee Networks continued to make progress implementing our diversity and inclusion strategy:

  • Leveraged ENGs for recruiting and retention. Our ENGs continued to grow, with approximately 1,200 members participating throughout our service area. During the year, the ENGs supported PG&E’s efforts to recruit and retain STEM talent at national conferences.
  • Spurred access to higher education. Our ERGs awarded a record $340,000 in scholarships to 142 students, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per scholarship. Since 1989, more than $5 million in scholarships have been awarded to thousands of recipients.
  • Furthered cultural understanding. Our ERGs and ENGs developed and launched a cultural understanding learning series designed to facilitate meaningful conversations among employees and leaders. Insights from the inaugural session, “Meet your Muslim Neighbor,” included demystifying stereotypes about the Muslim community and provided calls to action around inclusion. The series was delivered bi-monthly for all employees.
  • Enhanced focus on mental health. Our Access ERG, which supports the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, created a new membership committee, “Minds of All Kinds,” to support awareness and wellness among members and employees and to combat stigmas associated with mental health.
    PG&E has also enhanced our engagement with employees on mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing resources, information, webinars and podcasts. This includes topics such as coping with stress during the pandemic and staying connected while social distancing.

We also targeted employee development to level the playing field for diverse talent:

  • Expanded leadership opportunities for women. Our Women’ Network, with support from officer sponsors and our office of diversity and inclusion, embarked on a research project to develop a roadmap to increase the number of women in operational roles. Their recommendations and findings from internal interviews, rigorous data analysis and external benchmarking will continue to inform workforce strategies in electric and gas operations and our power generation organization. The Women’s Network has also led a #MentorHer campaign to build support and awareness for the need to mentor and support women.
  • Enhanced “Latinx” engagement. With the help of our Latino ERG and Society of Hispanic Engineering Networks, we hosted a seminar with leading experts to understand the growing Latinx demographic. We also arranged for two ERG leaders to attend Stanford’s Latino Leadership Program to bolster their professional development.
  • Investing in career development. We continued our investment in the national Management Leadership for Tomorrow Career Advancement program, designed to prepare mid-level African American, Hispanic and Native Americans to advance into senior leadership roles. Since 2016, five PG&E leaders have attended the program, four of which have since been promoted or are working as interim directors.

Measuring Progress

PG&E continues to employ a higher percentage of women and minorities in our workforce than the national average for gas and electric companies.

Benchmarking Workforce Demographics
Category PG&E U.S. Energy Company Average Footnote 1
Women 26.8% 25.5%
Ethnic Minorities 44.8% 24.9%
  • 1. Source: 2019 EEO-1 Reports: Combined Electric and Gas Utilities, U.S. Total. NAICS Code 2211—Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, U.S. NAICS Code 2212 – Natural Gas Distribution, U.S. 2015 data is the most recent available.1

We also continue to pursue diversity among leadership positions—managers and above—through a combination of external hiring, internal promotions and lateral moves. In 2019, we focused on interventions in the recruiting process to raise awareness of manager-and-above job openings, increase our focus on diverse candidates and improve our interview and selection process. We report progress monthly and discuss organizational efforts in business process review sessions.

PG&E’s workforce statistics by race, ethnicity and gender for 2017 to 2019 are below.

PG&E Workforce Demographics, 2017 – 2019
EEOC Category 2017 2018 2019
Women 27.6% 27.5% 26.8%
Officials and Managers 33.1% 33.9% 34.9%
Professionals 34.8% 34.6% 33.8%
Technicians 19.1% 18.7% 17.7%
Administrative Support Workers 70.7% 71.0% 71.8%
Craft Workers 2.5% 2.7% 2.9%
Operatives 3.4% 3.7% 2.9%
Laborers and Helpers 10.8% 11.5% 12.7%
Service Workers 8.4% 8.1% 7.7%
Ethnic Minorities 43.3% 43.9% 44.8%
Officials and Managers 33.2% 35.3% 36.0%
Professionals 44.8% 45.4% 46.2%
Technicians 43.9% 44.1% 44.5%
Administrative Support Workers 63.4% 64.0% 65.2%
Craft Workers 33.9% 34.3% 35.7%
Operatives 39.2% 41.8% 43.5%
Laborers and Helpers 53.0% 53.4% 55.4%
Service Workers 34.6% 35.9% 34.6%
Minority Groups
American Indian or Alaskan Native 1.2% 1.2% 1.2%
Asian 14.3% 14.4% 14.1%
Black/African American 6.4% 6.5% 6.5%
Hispanic/Latino 18.1% 18.4% 19.0%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.6% 0.6% 0.6%
Two or more races 2.8% 2.9% 3.3%