PG&E Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2017


PG&E’s long history of environmental leadership serves as a foundational pillar of our sustainability efforts. We continue to commit significant resources toward combating climate change and supporting the transition to a clean energy future. We also continue to add renewable sources to our energy supplies, reduce our operational footprint and protect sensitive habitats and species—while we maintain our commitment to fully meet all environmental requirements.

2016 Highlights

  • Named to the “Climate A List” by the CDP, an international not-for-profit that represents 827 investors with $100 trillion in assets.
  • Protected nearly 3,700 acres of land as part of the Land Conservation Commitment, which ultimately will protect 140,000 acres of PG&E-owned watershed lands.
  • Provided $2 million in funding to local Fire Safe Councils to protect communities from wildfires in 18 high fire-risk counties.
  • Powered all our service centers—nearly 100 facilities—with 100 percent solar energy through PG&E’s Solar Choice program.
  • Piloted the industry’s first export-power-capable plug-in electric hybrid trucks, designed to power buildings or homes in a neighborhood during planned or unplanned outages.
  • Continued to rate our suppliers’ performance relative to our Supplier Environmental Performance Standards.
  • Published a climate change vulnerability assessment—sharing our progress as we examine the risks we face from more extreme weather and changing climate conditions.
  • Launched the Better Together Resilient Communities grant program, a shareholder-funded initiative that will invest $1 million over five years to support local climate resilience planning efforts.

Key Sustainability Indicators

Percentage of power from eligible renewable resources in 2016, helping PG&E deliver nearly 70 percent greenhouse gas-free electricity to customers:
Number of poles retrofitted to be bird-safe:
2,068 poles Full list of indicators