Message from the Chairman and CEO

To Our Stakeholders:

Nearly 16 million people count on PG&E every day for the energy that powers their lives—safely, reliably and affordably. But our success is ultimately defined by much more than just providing gas and electricity. Californians look to us to enable an ever-improving quality of life and a better future through everything we do, from leading on clean energy to giving back to our communities and fueling economic growth.

Our people choose to work at PG&E because we are excited, energized and inspired by these opportunities. We are proud to work on behalf of all of our stakeholders to create broad and long-lasting value that is shared by customers and neighbors, employees, investors, business partners and others. And we know that continuing to deliver on this promise is vital.

These commitments are important to every company in our industry. But they are especially critical at PG&E as we work to meet the high standards and demonstrate the accountability necessary to continue restoring confidence with our stakeholders and position the company for long-term success. As a result, our focus on sustainability has never been more central to the way we run every aspect of our business.

Most importantly, this focus is driving results. Throughout PG&E, our teams are relentlessly working to strengthen our safety culture and performance. We are adopting new technologies and exploring innovative solutions to create a more resilient, efficient 21st-century energy grid. We are delivering some of the nation’s cleanest energy and reducing other environmental impacts. We are working more closely than ever with our local communities to support economic growth, create jobs and expand opportunity. And in all of these efforts, we are also working to ensure that the essential services we provide remain affordable.

Overall, last year’s results and milestones give us confidence that PG&E is continuing to move in the right direction. Many of our accomplishments in these areas are highlighted in the stories and the metrics shared here. Our progress is also reflected in recognition from others, such as our recent selection once again for the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index, a leading independent benchmark of overall sustainability performance.

At the same time, make no mistake, everyone at PG&E understands that we have more work ahead. You have our commitment that we will continue this journey until the work is done—and done right. You also have our word that we will continue to be transparent about ongoing challenges, and we will continue to take decisive action to identify and address issues in our operations and culture.

As always, as you read this year’s report, we invite—in fact, we encourage—you to share your feedback. We work to make open dialogue a fundamental part of our company’s culture, both within our organization and with stakeholders. Your thoughts are welcome and valued.

On behalf of our men and women throughout Northern and Central California, thank you for your ongoing engagement and your interest in PG&E.


Tony Earley
Chairman of the Board, CEO and President
PG&E Corporation

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