At PG&E, nothing is more important than public and workforce safety. More than ever, we are working to create a culture in which safety is our highest value, every employee feels encouraged to openly raise and address safety issues, and where no one gets hurt.

Since the tragic gas pipeline rupture four years ago in San Bruno, California, we have made significant progress across our business with an unrelenting focus on safety. In order to achieve top level safety performance, we are continuing to invest substantially in upgrading our systems and work processes, adopt state-of-the-art safety technologies, and further refine our safety governance, metrics, policies and programs to drive performance improvements and cultivate the safety culture we aspire to.


  • Created a publicly available dashboard of public safety metrics across all three of our operating lines of business.
  • Conducted mandatory Safety Leadership Workshops—attended by more than 5,000 employees—to align our leaders around PG&E’s safety strategy and equip them with the tools they need to support their teams in building a safety-first climate.
  • Continued to make safety performance the single largest driver for annual at-risk performance-based pay.
  • Hosted more than 600 training workshops for first responders to better prepare firefighters, police, public works officials and other authorities to respond to emergencies involving electricity and natural gas.
  • Donated $2.5 million to the American Red Cross’ Ready Neighborhoods program, which is improving disaster readiness for underserved communities.
  • Established a formal contractor safety program that sets clear requirements and expectations for contractors working with PG&E.
  • Staffed more than 1,150 interactive electric and gas safety demonstrations for students, youth groups, contractors, emergency personnel and customers throughout our service area.

Key Sustainability Indicators

Reduction in the number of instances of electric “wires down”
Number of minor, non-hazardous workable leaks to be addressed at year-end, an all-time low
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