47,855 Hours volunteered by employees, exceeding our goal

PG&E’s success hinges on engaged employees who embrace our values, deliver operational excellence and provide superior customer service. To drive engagement, we are actively cultivating a workplace that prioritizes safety, health and well-being; engages employees in continued growth and learning; and emphasizes connections with our local communities.

Our Approach

Engaged employees understand PG&E’s vision, feel a sense of ownership for our success and actively contribute to improve business performance across the board in areas such as safety, customer satisfaction, financial performance and environmental leadership.


In 2013, we established an Engagement and Culture Steering Committee at the executive level to explore PG&E-wide opportunities to improve engagement and ensure continuous improvement. One of the Committee’s many areas of focus has been improving employee training, including increased access to career development courses.

We track employee engagement through a biannual employee survey, most recently conducted in 2012. The survey is one of a number of measures in place to hold leaders at all levels accountable for driving engagement within their teams. We also incorporate engagement measures into line of business goals and use targeted action plans to drive improvement. The impacts of these efforts will be assessed in our 2014 survey.

Engaging with our Unions

PG&E and its unions work closely together in many important areas, such as enhancing technical training programs, fostering health and wellness, building career pathways and implementing numerous initiatives to promote a stronger culture of safety.

Approximately two-thirds of PG&E employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements with three labor unions: the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1245, the Engineers and Scientists of California (ESC) IFPTE Local 20 and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) United Service Workers West. For each union, a negotiated labor agreement establishes the working rules and other terms and conditions of employment. These employees support areas critical to our business, including gas and electric operations, customer service, power generation, environmental and land services, telecommunications and shared services.

Engaging at the Grassroots Level

A wide range of employee-led initiatives play an important role in engaging employees throughout the business. These include grassroots initiatives focused on safety, wellness and environmental leadership. Also, more than 4,300 employees participate in our Employee Resource Groups (ERG), each of which contributes significantly to building an inclusive culture at PG&E.

Engaging in our Communities

We also drive engagement through employee volunteer and giving programs, and by encouraging leaders at PG&E to actively support nonprofits through board service. Our volunteerism efforts continue to grow, in part because PG&E’s community investment program places a priority on initiatives that offer opportunities for employees to volunteer. Our efforts are also supported by a network of community relations representatives who spearhead employee engagement opportunities in local communities.

2013 Milestones

Employee volunteerism, in particular, grew significantly in 2013. PG&E employees are enthusiastic volunteers, spending tens of thousands of hours each year working in the communities where they live and work. Whether building new playgrounds, cleaning up state parks across Northern and Central California, mentoring students or walking to raise money for people with developmental disabilities, the men and women of PG&E continue to give back.

Highlights included:

  • Exceeded our goal for employee volunteerism. Employees at every level logged nearly 48,000 hours of community service—once again exceeding targets. When multiplied by the California industry-standard value of $26.34 for a volunteer hour, these volunteer efforts added up to more than $1.26 million in equivalent labor.
  • Supported nonprofits through board service. Among officers who have been with PG&E for more than a year, more than 80 percent serve on local affiliate nonprofit boards such as the California Academy of Sciences, the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and local chambers of commerce. Other PG&E employees are also consistently sought after as members of nonprofit boards for a wide range of organizations.
  • Launched our first-ever Month of Service. During April 2013, employees and retirees logged nearly 12,000 hours of volunteer service, which included more than 180 PG&E-sponsored events.

Other highlights in employee engagement included:

  • Proactively engaged with our unions. During the past year, PG&E engaged our unions on more than 100 issues to adapt and improve existing agreements to include changes to benefits, working conditions, new technology and other factors. This allows PG&E and our unions to continuously improve working conditions rather than waiting for the next round of contract negotiations.
  • Collaborated to strengthen our safety culture. In an agreement with the IBEW and the ESC, PG&E began piloting an effort to encourage employees to self-identify “near hits,” unplanned events that did not result in injury, illness or damage but potentially could have. Doing so enables other employees to learn from the events and allows PG&E to improve its procedures and practices.

Measuring Progress

The most recent employee engagement score from our 2012 survey was 71 percent—four points higher than the prior year and nearly two points higher than our target. In addition, a record 81 percent of employees responded to the voluntary survey.

Employee Survey Results

* Refers to the percentage of favorable responses to questions on an employee survey, which measures employee engagement.

In 2013, the total number of employee volunteer hours nearly doubled from five years ago, once again exceeding our volunteer targets. For 2014, we have set an even more ambitious goal of 50,000 hours from employee volunteers.

Employee Volunteer Hours

PG&E’s Campaign for the Community is an annual employee and retiree giving campaign. Employees can pledge a percentage of their salary and direct their donations to schools and nonprofits that are important to them. In our 2014 Campaign for the Community, employees and retirees pledged more than $6.5 million—exceeding our goal and setting a new record for PG&E. In addition, PG&E will provide nearly $2 million in matching grants. The funds will be distributed throughout 2014 to more than 5,000 schools and nonprofit organizations. Since 2000, PG&E’s employee giving program has raised nearly $50 million.

Looking Ahead

Through our executive Engagement and Culture Steering Committee, we will continue to lead an enterprise-wide employee engagement strategy that leverages the strength of local action plans within all lines of business. This approach will allow us to address engagement issues that are larger than any given organization and ensure that priority issues have visibility and are incorporated into PG&E’s long-term strategy for improvement.

Our employee engagement survey in 2014 will assess the impact of our efforts and we will use those results to benchmark with others and share best practices.

We will also continue stepping up our community engagement through volunteerism and our work with unions in a variety of areas, including establishing new career paths to build a skilled workforce for tomorrow.

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