Sustainability at PG&E

Progress through Performance

At its core, corporate sustainability at PG&E means moving forward in a way that creates a stable, strong and long-lasting company—one that is able to provide ongoing value to our customers, our communities, our employees and the environment.

We are working toward this objective with an overarching focus on addressing important operational issues and setbacks, including the tragic natural gas pipeline accident in San Bruno, California in 2010. As such, our commitment to corporate sustainability is rooted in a sharp focus on the basics of our business and delivering safe, reliable and affordable gas and electric service. It also encompasses our ongoing work to plan for the future and add value by creating an environment where our business and our stakeholders can thrive.

As we build for the long-term, we are focused on elevating our performance across the board at PG&E—and we are demonstrating progress through our:

  • Investment in the reliability and resiliency of our gas and electric infrastructure.
  • Commitment to becoming the safest gas and electric provider in the country.
  • Service to customers that is affordable and responsive to local customer needs.
  • Engagement with our employees as we build a strong, well-trained and diverse workforce.
  • Partnerships to foster the economic vitality of the communities we serve.
  • Actions to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and drive clean energy solutions.