Sustainability at PG&E

Our Journey

The public safety and operational issues raised in the years following the San Bruno pipeline accident have profoundly informed and impacted our corporate sustainability journey and the way we conduct our gas and electric operations. As a result, we remain focused on raising PG&E’s operating standards to improve service and restore the trust and confidence of our customers and other stakeholders.

Importantly, we recognize that this must go beyond operational improvements. We also must do our part to help ensure the areas we serve are safe, strong and healthy places that have a bright future—and that means working at the local level to engage our customers, invest in the economy and support the overall vitality of the community.

Reflecting this broader perspective, PG&E’s sustainability commitment has evolved and expanded from centering on our long-standing focus on environmental excellence to also encompass the social and economic impacts associated with our business. Balancing these considerations in ways that create value across the “triple bottom line” is the essence of corporate sustainability as we define it.

Our Goals and Values

We continue to be guided by five overarching corporate goals: public and employee safety, delighting customers, engaging employees, rewarding shareholders and environmental leadership. Taken together, these five goals provide the framework for our integrated approach to corporate sustainability. Our ultimate measure of success is becoming a company that 15 million Californians trust, like and want to do business with.

PG&E’s values reinforce our continued focus on our customers and achieving excellence in our operations. We remain steadfast in our commitment to living our values and embracing the behaviors that will allow us to achieve our goals.

Our Values

  • We act with integrity and communicate honestly and openly
  • We are passionate about meeting our customers’ needs and delivering for our shareholders
  • We are accountable for all of our own actions: these include safety, protecting the environment, and supporting our communities
  • We work together as a team and are committed to excellence and innovation
  • We respect each other and celebrate our diversity

California’s Regulatory and Public Policy Framework

PG&E’s sustainability commitment is well aligned with—and mutually supported by—a number of California regulatory and public policy priorities.

From support for energy efficiency and policies on supplier diversity to a wide range of environmental measures such as renewable energy requirements and greenhouse gas reduction targets, California and its utilities work together to actively advance a broad sustainability agenda.