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Progress through investment

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Ezra Garrett discusses sustainability at PG&E.

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At PG&E, our first priority is safety. We believe more than ever that, fundamentally, embedding safety into every part of our day-to-day work will lead to operational excellence and excellent customer service. It is the bedrock for our success, and we are making changes to ensure we can fulfill this critical expectation. Our gas, electric and energy supply operations form the backbone of our business, and we've taken a back-to-basics approach in our journey to become the safest utility in the nation and one our customers can rely on.

We are making significant investments across the board to modernize our infrastructure and make our system more responsive to customers and more capable of facilitating new, more sustainable energy solutions. Today, even as it is clear that we have further to go, it is also clear that we are making substantial progress.


Key Sustainability Indicators

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Number of automated or remote-control valves added to shut off gas in an emergency



Average time a customer was without power over the year, the fewest minutes in PG&E’s history
  • Completed substantial work across our natural gas system, including replacing 40 miles and validating the safe operating pressure for 204 miles of gas pipeline.
  • Delivered record-setting electric reliability, as customers experienced the fewest minutes without power in PG&E’s history.
  • Continued to implement Smart Grid technologies, including automated monitoring and control of our electric system.
  • Made continued investments in solar, wind and other renewable energy resources—staying on track to meet California’s target of 33 percent renewables by the end of 2020.
  • Maintained the nation’s largest investor-owned hydroelectric system—with an enhanced focus on engaging customers around public safety.
  • Continued to safely operate Diablo Canyon, a vital part of PG&E’s commitment to deliver safe, reliable and clean energy to our customers.
  • Strengthened our approach to risk management by more fully incorporating risk into PG&E’s annual integrated planning process.
Dam safety

As part of our commitment to public safety and a nationwide initiative by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, we are engaging customers in a dam safety outreach campaign focused on populated areas immediately downstream from PG&E dams.