Key Sustainability Indicators

meets or exceeds target = meets or exceeds target    below target = below target    substantially below target = substantially below target

2011 Target Progress 2011 Result 2012 Target
Employee Engagement
Achieve 69.6% favorable responses to 8 questions on employee survey, which measures employee engagement1 substantially below target 67.2% 69.2%
Diversity and Inclusion
Achieve 70.0% favorable responses to 3 questions on employee survey that are indicative of an environment where diversity is valued and inclusion is practiced N/A2 65.6% 67.6%

1 The employee survey includes an 8 item measure of engagement known as the Employee Engagement Index (EEI). The EEI is benchmarked against nearly 200 companies on Fortune’s lists of “Best Companies to Work For” and “Most Admired Companies.” For 2011, PG&E ranked in the third quartile compared to this group of highly-regarded companies.

2 The three questions from the employee survey used for the Diversity and Inclusion index changed in 2011; therefore, a comparison to 2010 results is not applicable and a progress rating was not assigned.