Customer Energy Solutions

At PG&E, we are firmly committed to meeting our customers’ energy needs with innovative tools, products and services. We remain focused on better understanding and responding to the different needs of our diverse customer base, with the overarching goal of providing tailored energy solutions that more effectively match customers with the right products and programs. We are also working to design and deliver these programs and services in a more integrated manner.

We offer a full portfolio of options to help our customers save energy and money, including some of the nation’s leading programs and incentives for energy efficiency, demand response and installation of solar and other distributed resources. We have proposed a Green Option that would support 100 percent renewable energy for the customers who select it. We also continue to assist the growing number of customers who are purchasing plug-in electric vehicles.

Today, we are taking advantage of new technologies to help customers understand, actively manage and reduce their energy use. This includes giving customers individualized information so they can make more informed decisions to manage their own energy use and bills.

We are also reaching out to serve our customers where they live and work. Strengthening our local relationships will help customers see faster resolution of local concerns and earlier identification of issues that are important to them. For example, we’ve formed two pilot groups in Sonoma and Kern counties where cross-functional teams of employees meet regularly to discuss and resolve local issues. This approach is allowing us find new and better ways to use our resources to deliver results.

Employee Perspectives

Cait McClure, a senior project manager, talks about her commitment to the customers she serves.

To increase customer satisfaction, PG&E also actively uses customer research and insights to drive our decision-making and improve our customer service offerings. For example, following a system-wide “listening tour” where we heard candid feedback directly from customers, we have maintained this dialogue through customer advisory panels in different regions of our service area. The panels, which meet with PG&E executives quarterly, consist of both residential and small and medium business customers and serve an ongoing advisory role—providing insight into the customer experience and helping PG&E improve the way we engage with customers.