Key Sustainability Indicators

meets or exceeds target = meets or exceeds target    below target = below target    substantially below target = substantially below target

2011 Target Progress 2011 Result 2012 Target
Community Investments
Devote at least 1.1% of our pre-tax earnings from operations to charitable organizations meets or exceeds target 1.1% 1.1% of pre-tax earnings from operations
Employee Volunteerism
5,775 employee volunteers meets or exceeds target 5,889 6,185 employee volunteers
28,875 employee volunteer hours at company-sponsored events meets or exceeds target 32,585 34,215 employee volunteer hours at company-sponsored events
Annual Employee Giving Campaign
Achieve $5 million in pledges/donations meets or exceeds target $5.3 million $5.6 million
Customer Energy Efficiency1
Achieve 100% of 2011 CPUC targets     Achieve 100% of 2012 CPUC targets
234 Megawatts (MW) meets or exceeds target 270 MW 251 MW
1,032 Gigawatt Hours (GWh) meets or exceeds target 1,519 GWh 1,114 GWh
16.2 million therms meets or exceeds target 33.2 million therms 17.1 million therms

1 Data refers to annual energy savings or the first-year impacts associated with installed customer energy efficiency projects. Data (gross energy savings) is taken from Table 1 of the 2011 Energy Efficiency Annual Report, filed with the CPUC on May 1, 2012. The source for energy savings goals is CPUC Decision 09-09-047.