Sustainability at PG&E

PG&E’s focus on sustainability is a recognition that our success today depends as much on fulfilling a complex array of social, environmental and other stakeholder expectations as it does on traditional business performance measures. Balancing these considerations in ways that create value across the “triple bottom line”—people, planet, profit—is the essence of sustainability as we define it. And it’s increasingly vital to the health, and ultimately the long-term viability, of any company in our business. Meeting this challenge requires us to understand the full universe of touch points with our stakeholders, to embrace collaboration and compromise, and to find innovative ways to reconcile competing and sometimes conflicting needs and priorities. Most important, it requires us to fully integrate these approaches into virtually every aspect of our operations.

This is the focus of our ongoing sustainability efforts today at PG&E. At the highest level, the elements of our sustainability commitment continue to be reflected in our formal values statement and the four overarching goals we aim for in developing our business strategies and measuring our success: delighting customers, energizing employees, rewarding shareholders and demonstrating environmental leadership.


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