Our Employee Resource Groups

For more than a quarter of a century, PG&E’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG) have contributed significantly to enhancing an inclusive culture through workshops, programs and networking events. The groups provide opportunities for employees to develop their careers, grow as leaders and get involved in the local community. Their insight has also helped drive important policy changes within the company, benefitting all employees.

PG&E’s nine ERGs are: Access Network (people with disabilities), Black Employee Association, InspirAsian, Samahan (Filipino), Latino, Legacy (tenured employees), NuNRG (new to the workforce or company), PrideNetwork (LGBT) and Women’s Network.

More than 3,000 employees, or 15 percent of our workforce, participate in the groups, which saw increased involvement with PG&E’s senior leadership and growing participation from employees in field locations in 2010. The ERGs also grew from 18 to 22 chapter locations in 2010, an 18 percent increase from the prior year.

Together, the ERGs awarded $275,000 in scholarships to 175 college-bound students in 2010, bringing the total to $2 million in voluntary contributions since the inception of the scholarship programs, with recipients spanning high schools throughout northern and central California.

Additionally, several groups aided the community by leveraging the language skills of their members: Latino volunteers read to children with Radio Univision at the California Academy of Sciences; Samahan volunteers translated materials on the SmartMeter™ program; and InspirAsian volunteers partnered with the Chinatown Community Development Center on fire prevention and earthquake preparedness by directing residents during a fire drill.

Also, as a direct outcome of PrideNetwork’s recommendation, effective 2010, employees who are vested in the retirement plan can now designate a beneficiary to receive a survivor’s pension pre-retirement, regardless of marital status. Previously this benefit applied only to spouses.

These significant achievements speak to the vital role ERGs continue to play in the company’s overall business success—enhancing employee engagement by recognizing, valuing and supporting each employee’s potential to succeed. With almost two-thirds of employees based outside of our San Francisco headquarters, we will continue our efforts to increase participation from our local offices, which will also strengthen our connection with customers and communities.


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