Customer Energy Solutions

Photo: Linda Cicero

PG&E has a long history of offering innovative programs and services to help our customers save energy and money, beginning with our groundbreaking energy efficiency programs that launched in the 1970s. Today, we offer customers a full portfolio of options, including some of the nation's leading programs and incentives for energy efficiency, demand response and solar installation, as well as our innovative ClimateSmart™ program. We are also actively assisting the growing number of customers who are purchasing plug-in electric vehicles.

To make them even more accessible, we are working to design and deliver these programs and services in a more integrated manner, with the simple goal of providing tailored energy solutions that meet the needs of our different and diverse customers. We are also taking advantage of new technologies to help customers understand, actively manage and reduce their energy use. This includes giving customers individualized information so they can make more informed decisions to manage their own energy use and bills.

For residential customers, we have begun to pilot Home Energy Reports, which will proactively deliver information about their energy use, along with personalized tips on how they can save energy. For large business customers, we are developing a tool that will enable us to provide comprehensive, strategic insights into their energy use and recommend the best mix of our products and services. And, more broadly, our Sustainable Communities Program is helping local governments achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals.


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