Key Sustainability Indicators

meets or exceeds target = meets or exceeds target    below target = below target    substantially below target = substantially below target

2010 Target Progress 2010 Result 2011 Target
Reliable Energy Delivery
Natural Gas System
Following the tragedy in San Bruno, PG&E is re-evaluating how we measure the performance of our natural gas system and operations. We expect to provide progress on an expanded set of performance measures in future reports.
Electric System1
System Average Interruption Frequency Index
(average number of outages per customer):
1.066 interruptions per customer
below target 1.108 interruptions per customer 1.052 interruptions per customer
System Average Interruption Duration Index
(average duration of outages per customer):
121.3 minutes
below target 130.4 minutes 117.7 minutes
Customer Average Interruption Duration Index
(average restoration time per outage):
113.8 minutes
below target 117.8 minutes 111.9 minutes
Compliance and Ethics Training
Ensure 99.8% of employees complete annual compliance and ethics training2 meets or exceeds target 99.6% 99.8%
SmartMeter™ Installations3
Install 3.0 million SmartMeter™ gas and electric meters meets or exceeds target 3.1 million meters 2.0 million meters

1 Transformer-only outages were not included in the 2009 reliability performance metrics; however, they were included in the 2010 metrics. This change results in slightly higher 2010 reliability values compared to 2009.

2 Each year, and for a variety of reasons, a statistically small number of PG&E’s approximately 20,000 employees are unable to attend a training session. To earn a Green assessment for this metric, PG&E’s result must fall within 1 percent of the target.

3 Cumulatively, we installed 7.5 million SmartMeter™ gas and electric meters by the end of 2010.


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