Key Sustainability Indicators

meets or exceeds target = meets or exceeds target    below target = below target    substantially below target = substantially below target

2009 Target Progress 2009 Result 2010 Target
Employee Safety
Achieve 15% reduction from 2008 incident rates     Achieve 15% reduction from 2009 incident rates
OSHA Recordable Rate: 2.755 meets or exceeds target 2.3821 2.025
Lost Workday Case Rate: 0.587 meets or exceeds target 0.441 0.375
Motor Vehicle Incident Rate: 2.91 meets or exceeds target 2.79 2.37
Annual Employee Survey
Achieve 69.5% favorable responses to 40 questions on annual employee survey that measures employee engagement substantially below target 66.7% 68.7%
Diversity and Inclusion
Achieve 68% favorable response to six questions on annual employee survey that are indicative of an environment where diversity is valued and inclusion is practiced substantially below target 64.5% 66.5%

1 PG&E excludes Standard Threshold Shift (STS) OSHA Recordables, a certain type of hearing-loss case, from its internal statistics. Including STS cases increases the OSHA Recordable Rate to 2.446.