Corporate Philanthropy

In 2009, PG&E donated $19.2 million to charitable organizations, representing 1.1 percent of our pre-tax earnings from operations from the prior year. This was slightly below our target of 1.2 percent. Our charitable contributions are funded entirely by shareholders and have no impact on electricity or natural gas prices. Most of these contributions were made to non-profit charities in northern and central California. PG&E also makes in-kind contributions and provides other forms of support to community groups.


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Approximately 40 percent of PG&E's donations in 2009 supported programs and organizations related to environmental and energy sustainability. Other top priorities were civic and community projects, which received 28 percent of donations, and educational projects, which received 23 percent of total giving. Projects focused on economic development and emergency preparedness represented 5 and 3 percent of giving, respectively.

2009 Charitable Contributions

2009 Charitable Contributions graph
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Source: The Conference Board Annual Survey on Corporate Charitable Contributions

A recent study showed that PG&E’s 2008 charitable contributions, as a percentage of corporate earnings, exceeded those of other utilities and nearly 170 large companies.
More than 70 percent of PG&E's contributions provided assistance to underserved communities, a significant commitment but below our stretch target of 75 percent. This funding supported individuals and families with low incomes, people of color, senior citizens, people with disabilities and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

We continue to give priority to viable local charitable partners whose projects address recognized community needs, link to our key focus areas, provide an opportunity for employee volunteerism and are located within our service area.

In 2010, PG&E expects to provide approximately $19.3 million in charitable funding. We will also maintain our stretch goal that 75 percent of total grant-making dollars be used to assist underserved communities.

2010 Campaign for the Community more...

PG&E employees celebrate a record amount of contributions for the 2010 Campaign for the Community.

PG&E employees and retirees pledged a record $4.65 million in personal charitable donations to more than 4,300 schools and non-profit organizations, including environmental groups, hospitals, community centers, food banks and many others in the annual 2010 Campaign for the Community. This campaign reflects employee commitments made in 2009 for funds that will be primarily dispersed beginning in 2010. Donations rose by 11 percent from the prior year's campaign, with pledges coming from more than 8,000 employees and retirees. The average annual pledge was $593 per employee. Employees throughout PG&E also organized creative fundraisers bringing in $72,000. Since 2000, the Campaign for the Community has raised more than $28 million for communities within and outside of northern and central California.