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  • Introduction

    • Cover

      Letter from the Chairman and CEO

      About the Report

      Global Reporting Initiative

  • Our Business

    • Introduction

      Key Sustainability Indicators

      Company Overview

      Investing in Our Business to Better Serve Customers

      Corporate Governance

      Enterprise Risk Management

      Compliance and Ethics

      Enabling Customers to Make Smarter Energy Choices

      Building a Smarter Grid

      Delivering Reliable Energy to Our Customers

  • Our Employees

    • Introduction

      Key Sustainability Indicators

      Raising the Bar on Safety

      Diversity and Inclusion

      Workforce Development and Learning

      Working with Our Unions

      Improving Safety at the Grassroots Level

      Focusing on Employee Wellness

      Leveraging Employee Resource Groups

      Recognizing Diversity Champions

      Partnering through PowerPathway™

  • Our Communities

    • Introduction

      Key Sustainability Indicators

      Corporate Philanthropy

      Volunteerism and Community Support

      Supplier Diversity

      Environmental Justice

      Helping Customers in Need

      Enhancing Our Volunteer Program

      Recognizing Outstanding Community Service

      Keeping our Promise to the Community

  • Our Environment

    • Introduction

      Key Sustainability Indicators

      Planning for California's Clean Energy Future

      Customer Energy Efficiency

      Demand Response

      Investing in Renewable Energy Resources

      Managing Our Hydro Operations

      Leveraging Cleaner Conventional Sources

      Delivering Natural Gas

      Providing Nuclear Power Safely and Responsibly

      Partnering in the Fight Against Climate Change

      Advancing Solar Energy Solutions for Our Customers

      Demonstrating Environmental Stewardship

      Water Conservation and Management

      Innovative Transportation Solutions and Technologies

      Our Buildings and Facilities

      Taking Responsibility Our Historic Impacts

      Our Environmental Compliance Performance

      2009 Environmental Awards

      PG&E Joins Forces to Drive Efficiency in Electronic Products

      Breakdown of 2009 Customer Energy Efficiency Savings

      ClimateSmart™ Program: Pioneering Climate Change Solutions

      Minimizing Environmental Impacts from Construction Activities

      Collaborating to Help Our Suppliers Go Green

      Clarke Awards: Recognizing Employees for Environmental Leadership

  • Sustainability at PG&E

    • Introduction

      A Triple-Bottom-Line Understanding of Value

      How Sustainability Makes Us a Better Company

      PG&E’s Sustainability Journey

      Engaging Stakeholders

      Measuring Sustainability

      Industry-Wide Challenges