Our Employees
Chris Kelly, California program director for The Conservation Fund

Our vision of industry leadership includes setting an example as an environmental leader. We recognize that producing and delivering energy are at the core of the broad environmental and economic sustainability challenges that seem to become more apparent every day. Equally clear is that we cannot address these challenges in isolation. They are inextricably woven together, from habitat and species protection to water conservation, forest and land management, energy conservation, waste minimization, air quality and global warming.

Job number one in all of these areas will always continue to be excellence in compliance—just as basic reliability is the foundation for meeting our customer commitments. But the biggest and best opportunities we have to grow and prosper in the future are those that contribute smart, holistic solutions to the big challenges we and our customers face. To succeed here, we have to willingly embrace the role of an innovator, a first mover and an agent of change. That's the key to our vision of industry leadership and our goal to be an environmental leader.

Photo: Robert Houser