2008 Corporate Responsibility Report

How we are creating a smarter foundation for a sustainable future
Celebrating 30 Years of Energy Efficiency Training

The Early Years:
(Inset) Class photo from residential conservation service auditor training program from the early 1980s.

Bill Holloway, an instructor at PG&E's Energy Training Center in Stockton, demonstrates the effects of duct leakage to a student by using a model house.

As state and national leaders focus on developing a "green collar" workforce, PG&E has a 30-year track record of experience to share.

In fact, PG&E's Energy Training Center in Stockton has specialized in providing energy efficiency education since 1978 and is the longest continuously operating energy education and training facility in the United States. All courses are free of charge and funded as part of our customer energy efficiency efforts.

When its doors first opened, the center focused on developing standards, policies, procedures and best practices by teaching basic weatherization skills to state agencies. Over the years, the center has evolved to reach new audiences and address the changing needs for energy efficiency education.

Key highlights over the years include:

  • Educating more than 68,000 participants who have helped weatherize more than a million homes, conduct two million single-family energy education assessments and review the common-use areas associated with more than one million multi-family dwellings.
  • Adding a full-scale training house that provides hands-on learning opportunities for weatherization and state-of-the-art technologies related to building performance.
  • Offering state-of-the-art classes that train building professionals to install emerging energy efficiency technologies and operate buildings efficiently by building science-based diagnostic testing.

PG&E is also helping to advance energy efficiency training through its award-winning Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, which reached approximately 7,000 customers last year through educational seminars and helped many more commercial building customers make informed decisions about improving the energy efficiency of their facilities.

PG&E's Food Service Technology Center in San Ramon provides nationally recognized energy efficiency consulting services to the commercial food industry—helping customers explore energy-saving technologies.

While maintaining high-quality training at the energy centers, PG&E is also looking to influence energy efficiency education and training "upstream." Over the next several years, PG&E will partner with community colleges, universities, trade schools and vocational training programs to develop standardized curricula, share best practices and advance more training opportunities for green collar jobs—from energy audits to home weatherization to advanced installations for HVAC and solar energy systems.