Our Employees
Left to right: Matthew Duncan, Katherine Bird, Erwin Bonilla, Detrina Faletogo, Yonnie Leung, Pam Miller-Lewis and Neil Stockton

Over the past century, it has taken the muscle, sweat, determination, creativity and vision of generations of utility workers to fulfill the promise of bringing safe, reliable energy to our customers and communities. Sustaining that promise in the future will continue to demand the best from our people. Today we are working to ensure that the team at PG&E is ready to meet this challenge—a team that understands the value and importance of embracing innovation, new technology and new thinking as much as it does the enduring priorities of always delivering rock-solid performance on fundamentals like operational reliability, safety and great customer service.

As we embark on a new energy future for the 21st century, we are drawing on the diversity of our communities to recruit and train the next generation of PG&E workers. We are working with partners in our communities. We are creating new strategies to attract the best talent and prepare people for careers in this industry. And we are building a workforce of energized employees who are ready to help meet the needs of our customers, our state and beyond.

Photo: Robert Houser