Our Communities
Dr. Gregory Farrington, Ph.D., executive director of the California Academy of Sciences

The privilege of being our customers' sole provider of energy also comes with a unique responsibility to give back to our communities, helping to keep them healthy and vibrant—economically, environmentally and culturally. This responsibility has never been greater than it is today. As our customers and communities confront tremendous economic challenges, we are increasing our community involvement and our giving, as well as exploring ways to offer new products and services to help customers facing these challenges. We are establishing new partnerships and fortifying existing ones. We are working at all levels to aggressively promote cost and energy management programs for our customers. Our employees are volunteering more hours. And we are trying to reach more of our neediest populations to ensure they are participating in the programs that can help them the most. Most of all, we are pursuing these efforts in the same spirit of service that has been at the heart of our bond with our communities for more than 100 years.

Photo: Robert Houser