Photos: Robert Houser,

Our Environment

At PG&E, we are doing our part to use resources more smartly, advance the clean technologies needed to support our future economy and protect species and habitats for years to come. We are committed to helping create a future planet that is healthier than it is today. To us, that means taking aggressive action to combat global warming, reduce our consumption of natural resources, dispose of our waste more responsibly and help our customers do the same. And, it means understanding that our actions, and those of others, have consequences and taking steps to mitigate these impacts. We are optimistic that, working in partnership with our stakeholders, we can make the changes necessary to create an environmentally sustainable future. A future that will support the kind of work we want to do and businesses we want to run, the kind of communities and neighborhoods we want to live in and the kind of environment we want to pass on to the generations that follow.