Photos: Robert Houser,

Our Employees

PG&E's goal is to lead the energy industry by implementing ideas, products and services that not only sustain, but revolutionize how we serve our customers. This all begins with our greatest asset, our employees. We are evolving to meet the many challenges facing our industry—an aging workforce and competitive environment for new hires, increasing expectations from our customers and other key stakeholders, and rising health care and related costs, to name a few. We will meet these challenges together by engaging our approximately 20,000 employees as we plan for the future and execute on our vision. And, we will seek the best new talent from our diverse communities, local community colleges and universities and the highest-performing companies both within our sector and throughout industry. Our strategy for the future will build on and enhance our workforce to make us stronger. It will provide us with a source of new and innovative ideas. It will empower us to anticipate, understand and respond better to the needs of our millions of customers in thousands of California communities. And, most importantly, it can help give PG&E a competitive advantage—setting us apart from others in our sector and beyond.