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PG&E is powered by its nearly 20,000 employees, and we must attract, nurture and retain the very best talent if we are going to help our customers and communities flourish in the 21st century, just as we did in the 20th century. As we construct this new future, we are blending the world-class experience and expertise we now have with new talent that comes from outside PG&E. But talent is nothing without a guiding set of values, such as integrity, respect, accountability and honesty. We discount success if it is not earned fairly or does not provide an example of how business should be conducted. We also know that collaboration is crucial to achieve our goals. PG&E shines brightly, but it is a corporate constellation, not a cluster of stars. Looking ahead, we will continue to listen and learn wherever and whenever we can. In the end, that is the best—and only—way to delight customers and energize employees.