Committed to Sustainability

Annual Corporate Sustainability Report

PG&E's commitment to sustainability begins with our customers. They have told us—and we agree—that our responsibilities as an energy provider go beyond delivering energy that is safe, reliable, affordable and clean. They also look to us to be a force for innovation and progress, economic development and growth, community investment and vitality, and environmental leadership.

Our 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report shows our efforts to create a better future for our customers and communities. It also shows areas where we are working to improve our performance. We invite you to explore the report and share your feedback.

Climate Strategy Report

Our Climate Strategy Report shares our goals, actions, and progress in meeting the challenge of climate change on behalf of the more than 16 million Californians who rely on PG&E to deliver their energy. The report describes the risks and opportunities PG&E faces from a changing energy landscape—along with the potential physical impacts of a changing climate and associated weather patterns. It also describes how PG&E governs climate-related issues and manages climate-related risks.

The report aligns with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

CDP Information Request on Climate Change

We believe it is essential that investors, customers, policymakers and other stakeholders have access to information that allows them to assess and understand the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. Each year, PG&E reports its greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies to the CDP (PDF, 1.0 MB), an international not-for-profit organization that requests information on behalf of institutional investors.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Index

PG&E is committed to continuous improvement when it comes to how we report our impacts and sustainable business strategies. In support of this objective, PG&E reports metrics in accordance with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) voluntary reporting framework. SASB is a non-profit organization that has developed industry-specific sustainability performance metrics to better inform investors and other stakeholders.

ESG Reporting Initiatives

PG&E is participating in the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and American Gas Association (AGA) voluntary Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Sustainability reporting templates for investors. This information is being provided in response to the interest of investors and other stakeholders in ESG/Sustainability information that is consistent across the electric and natural gas sectors:

Information on PG&E's sustainability goals, progress and performance is available in our Executive Summary (PDF, 4 MB) or comprehensive Corporate Sustainability Report. Additional information is available on PG&E's electric operations and gas operations.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

PG&E’s sustainable business goals and strategies contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more about how our work ties to the SDGs.

Sustainable Finance

PG&E's Sustainable Finance Framework outlines how PG&E and its subsidiaries may issue green and sustainable bonds, loans, or other sustainable finance instruments in line with market standards. The framework defines green and social investment areas aligned with PG&E's focus on the triple bottom line—serving people, the planet and California’s prosperity, which includes addressing the escalating challenges of climate change while keeping customer bills affordable.

PG&E’s Sustainable Finance Framework (PDF, 3.0 MB)

Second-Party Opinion (PDF, 341 KB)