• Julius Cox

    Julius Cox

    Executive Vice President, People, Shared Services and Supply Chain

  • Jason Glickman

    Jason Glickman

    Executive Vice President, Engineering, Planning, and Strategy

  • Marlene Santos

    Marlene Santos

    Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

  • Sumeet Singh

    Sumeet Singh

    Executive Vice President, Operations and Chief Operating Officer

  • Joe Bentley

    Barry "Joe" Bentley

    Senior Vice President, Electric Engineering

  • Christine Cowsert Chapman

    Christine Cowsert Chapman

    Senior Vice President, Gas Engineering, Service Planning and Design

  • Joseph Forline

    Joseph Forline

    Senior Vice President, Gas Operations


  • Peter Kenny

    Peter Kenny

    Senior Vice President, Major Infrastructure Delivery

  • Janisse Quiñones

    Janisse Quiñones

    Senior Vice President, Electric Operations

  • Ahmad Ababneh

    Ahmad Ababneh

    Vice President, Major Projects and Programs, Electric Operations

  • Meredith E. Allen

    Meredith E. Allen

    Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

  • Teresa Alvarado

    Teresa Alvarado

    Vice President, South Bay & Central Coast Region

  • Jonathan Arnold

    Jonathan Arnold

    Vice President, Investor Relations

  • Aaron August

    Aaron August

    Vice President, Utility Partnerships and Innovation

  • Suzan Barghash

    Suzan Barghash

    Vice President, Human Resources Strategy and Solutions

  • Mari Becker

    Mari Becker

    Vice President and Treasurer

  • Stephen J. Cairns

    Stephen J. Cairns

    Vice President, Chief Audit Officer and Interim Chief Risk Officer

  • Gillian Clegg

    Gillian Clegg

    Vice President, Energy Policy and Procurement

  • Vincent M. Davis

    Vincent M. Davis

    Vice President, Customer Operations and Enablement

  • Jeffrey L. Deal, P.E.

    Jeffrey L. Deal

    Vice President, Electric Distribution Operations

  • Paula A. Gerfen

    Paula A. Gerfen

    Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer

  • Angie Gibson

    Angie Gibson

    Vice President, Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Matt Hayes

    Matt Hayes

    Vice President, Enterprise Health & Safety and Chief Safety Officer

  • Aaron J. Johnson

    Aaron J. Johnson

    Vice President, Bay Area Region

  • David L. Leach

    David L. Leach

    Vice President, Chief Data and Analytics Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

  • Annabelle Louie

    Annabelle Louie

    Vice President, Operations Support

  • William Manheim

    William (Bill) Manheim

    Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Operations | Pacific Gas and Electric Company

  • Jamie Martin

    Jamie L. Martin

    Vice President, Undergrounding

  • David McCulloch

    David McCulloch

    Vice President, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

  • Jan Nimick

    Jan Nimick

    Vice President, Power Generation

  • Christopher M. Patterson

    Christopher M. Patterson

    Vice President, State Government Relations

  • Adam Peck

    Adam Peck

    Site Vice President, Diablo Canyon Power Plant

  • Deborah W. Powell

    Deborah W. Powell

    Vice President, Enterprise Change Office

  • Russ Prentice

    Russ Prentice

    Vice President, Enterprise and Operational Risk

  • Mark Quinlan

    Mark Quinlan

    Vice President, Transmission and Distribution System Operations

  • Shilpa Ramaiya

    Shilpa Ramaiya

    Vice President, Regulatory Proceedings and Rates

  • Jason Regan

    Jason Regan

    Vice President, System Inspections

  • Brooke Reilly

    Brooke Reilly

    Vice President, Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer

  • Ronald P. Richardson

    Ronald P. Richardson

    Vice President, North Coast Region

  • Sally Romero

    Sally Romero

    Vice President, Gas Distribution Operations

  • Srinivas Sarathy

    Srinivas Sarathy

    Vice President, IT Infrastructure & Operations

  • Michael Seitz

    Michael Seitz

    Vice President, Vegetation Management

  • Mark Seveska

    Mark Seveska

    Vice President, IT Products & Enterprise Solutions

  • Joshua M. Simes

    Joshua M. Simes

    Vice President, Central Valley Region

  • PGE-spotlight-logo-blue

    Alejandro (Alex) T. Vallejo

    Vice President, Compliance and Ethics and Deputy General Counsel

  • Marie Waugh

    Marie Waugh

    Vice President, Chief Talent, Culture and Inclusion Officer

  • Andrew (Andy) K. Williams

    Andrew (Andy) K. Williams

    Vice President, Shared Services

  • Stephanie Williams

    Stephanie Williams

    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Controller

  • Joe Wilson

    Joe Wilson

    Vice President, North Valley & Sierra Region

  • Brian M. Wong

    Brian M. Wong

    Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

  • Martin Wyspianski

    Martin Wyspianski

    Vice President, Electric Engineering, Asset and Regulatory

  • Maureen R. Zawalick

    Maureen R. Zawalick

    Vice President, Business and Technical Services

  • Chris Zenner

    Chris Zenner

    Vice President, Residential Services & Digital Channels