Download or print a copy of the Employee Code of Conduct (PDF 431 KB)

PG&E Team,

Every day, in every action we take, we have the opportunity and responsibility to rebuild trust with the customers we serve, our regulators and our coworkers.

PG&E's Employee Code of Conduct outlines the company's expectations and requirements for all of us in meeting that responsibility, and I ask that you take time to read it, understand it and practice it every day in your role.

Our customers are counting on us to not only deliver the services that power and enable their lives, but also to do our work the right way, which means adhering to our Code of Conduct and meeting both the letter and spirit of our compliance requirements.

If you ever have concerns about safety, possible misconduct or potential violations of laws, regulations or internal requirements, talk to your leader immediately or contact any of the resources listed on the Code of Conduct mobile app or intranet page.

I want every one of you to feel safe in speaking up about your ideas and concerns, and to know that PG&E's leadership team is committed to listening up and following up. PG&E does not tolerate retaliation for speaking up or participating in an investigation.

We can never waver in our commitment to doing the right thing, every time. Join me in following the Employee Code of Conduct and demonstrating, through our actions, that we are making a difference and worthy of our customers' trust.

Patti Poppe Signature


Chief Executive Officer

PG&E Corporation