2019 Federal PAC Contributions

The following candidates and organizations received campaign contributions from PG&E Corporation's employee federal PAC (EnergyPAC) during the first six months of 2019. All contributions disclosed in this report were made in accordance with the PG&E's Political Contribution Policy and Procedures.

Barrasso, JohnRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Coons, ChrisDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Cornyn, JohnRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Daines, StevenRUnited States Senate$1,500.00
Fischer, DebraRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Gardner, CoryRUnited States Senate$4,000.00
Graham, LindseyRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Hyde-Smith, CindyRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Markey, EdDUnited States Senate($2,500.00)
Markey, EdDUnited States Senate$2,500.00
Markey, EdDUnited States Senate($2,500.00)
McConnell, MitchRUnited States Senate$5,000.00
Murkowski, LisaRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Risch, JimRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Romney, MittRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Young, ToddRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Total U.S. Senate Contributions  $18,000.00
Calvert, KenRHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
Cárdenas, TonyDHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
Cheney, ElizabethRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Clyburn, JamesDHouse of Representatives $2,000.00
Conaway, MichaelRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Cook, PaulRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Correa, Jose LuisDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Costa, JimDHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
Crawford, RickRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Emmer Jr., Thomas EarlRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Eshoo, AnnaDHouse of Representatives $1,500.00
Fitzpatrick, BrianRHouse of Representatives $2,000.00
Garamendi, JohnDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Gomez, JimmyDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Granger, KayRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Graves, SamRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Holding, GeorgeRHouse of Representatives $3,000.00
Horsford, StevenDHouse of Representatives $1,500.00
Hoyer, StenyDHouse of Representatives $2,500.00
Huffman, JaredDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Hurd, WilliamRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Johnson, BillRHouse of Representatives $1,500.00
Joyce, DaveRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Kinzinger, AdamRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Kirkpatrick, AnnDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
LaMalfa, DougRHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
Latta, RobertRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Lee, BarbaraDHouse of Representatives $500.00
Lee, BarbaraDHouse of Representatives ($500.00)
Lee, SusieDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Lipinski, DanielDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Lujan, Ben RayDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Matsui, DorisDHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
McCarthy, KevinRHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
McClintock, TomRHouse of Representatives $1,500.00
McMorris Rodgers, CathyRHouse of Representatives $1,500.00
McNerney, JerryDHouse of Representatives $3,000.00
Murphy, StephanieDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Napolitano, GraceDHouse of Representatives $1,500.00
Nunes, DevinRHouse of Representatives $2,500.00
Pallone, FrankDHouse of Representatives $3,000.00
Pelosi, NancyDHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
Reed, TomRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Richmond, Cedric L. DHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Roybal-Allard, LucilleDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Ruiz, RaulDHouse of Representatives $2,000.00
Rush, BobbyDHouse of Representatives $2,000.00
Scalise, SteveRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Schrader, KurtDHouse of Representatives $1,500.00
Shimkus, JohnRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Simpson, MikeRHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Swalwell, EricDHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
Thompson, MikeDHouse of Representatives $5,000.00
Tonko, PaulDHouse of Representatives $2,000.00
Torres, NormaDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Van Drew, JeffDHouse of Representatives $1,000.00
Walden, GregRHouse of Representatives $4,500.00
Total U.S. House Contributions  $112,000.00
Across the Aisle PACDGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
American Gas Association PACNPGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Aspire PACDGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Blue Dog PACDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
CHC BOLD PACDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Common Values PACRLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Congressional Black Caucus PACDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)DPolitical Party Committee$15,000.00
Denali Leadership PACRLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Elect Democratic WomenDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Fund for the Majority PACDLeadership PAC$2,500.00
Future Forum PACDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Political Action CommitteeNPGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Majority Committee PAC - MC PACRLeadership PAC$5,000.00
National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)RPolitical Party Committee$15,000.00
New Democrat Coalition Action Fund (NewDemPAC)DGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
New Energy PACDLeadership PAC$5,000.00
New PACRLeadership PAC$5,000.00
New Pioneers PACRLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Nuclear Energy Institute Federal Political Action CommitteeNPGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
PAC To The FutureDLeadership PAC$1,000.00
PAC UnitatisRGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
PowerPAC of the Edison Electric InstituteNPGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Republican Main Street Partnership PACRGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
SAC PACDLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Serving Our Country (SOC) PACDLeadership PAC$2,500.00
SHORE PACDLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Tuesday Group PACRGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Value in Electing Women Political Action CommitteeRGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Victory by Investing, Building and Empowering (VIBE) PACDLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Victory in November Election PAC (VINEPAC)DLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Total Leadership/Other PAC Contributions   $152,000.00
Total Federal PAC Contributions - January through June 2019  $282,000.00