2016 Campaign Contributions

The following candidates, state and local ballot measures, political parties and other committees received corporate campaign contributions from PG&E from July - December 2016. All contributions disclosed in this report were made in accordance with the PG&E's Political Contribution Policy and Procedures.

Abe-Koga, MargaretN/ACity Council, City of Mountain View $300
Acosta, DanteRAssembly $4,200
Aguiar-Curry, CeciliaDAssembly $4,200
Albert, DanN/ACity Council, City of Monterey $250
Allard, JohnN/ACity Council, City of Roseville $250
Allen, TravisRAssembly $1,500
Alpine, JoshuaN/ABoard Member, Placer County Water Agency $250
Andrade, JesusN/ACity Council, City of Stockton $1,500
Arambula, JoaquinDAssembly $3,100
Arenas, SylviaN/ACity Council, City of San Jose $250
Barr, SteveN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County $500
Berman, MarcDAssembly $6,200
Blower, MichaelN/ACity Council, City of Stockton $500
Boitano, LouisN/ASupervisor, Amador County $1,000
Bonta, RobDAssembly $2,000
Bredefeld, GarryN/ACity Council, City of Fresno $1,000
Brennan, SherrineN/ASupervisor, Tuolumne County $(750)
Brough, BillRAssembly $1,200
Bublak, AmyN/ACity Council, City of Turlock $250
Burgis, DianeN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County $500
Bustichi, DeneN/ACity Council, City of Scotts Valley $100
Butler, ElectN/ACity Council, City of Rocklin $250
Caballero, AnnaDAssembly $4,200
Chapman, HelenN/ACity Council, City of San Jose $250
Chavez, LuisN/ACity Council, City of Fresno $1,000
Chen, PhillipRAssembly $3,000
Choi, StevenRAssembly $2,000
Clark, ChrisN/ACity Council, City of Mountain View $300
Cox, TerryN/ATrustee, Fresno County Central Unified School District $250
Crocker, KuylerN/ASupervisor, Tulare County $750
Cunningham, JordanRAssembly $2,700
Davis, GaryN/AMayor, City of Elk Grove $1,000
Davis, JamesN/ACity Council, City of Sunnyvale $250
Delgado, BruceN/AMayor, City of Marina $250
Denny, SeanN/ACity Council, City of Woodland $250
Detrick, SteveN/ACity Council, City of Elk Grove $1,000
Downey, LibbyN/ACity Council, City of Monterey $250
Dutra-Vernaci, CarolN/AMayor, City of Union City $250
Farias, AvilaN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County $500
Flora, HeathRAssembly $4,200
Flores, JoseN/ACity Council, City of Clovis $500
Fong, LaurieN/ATrustee, Santa Rosa School Board $500
Fong, VinceRAssembly $4,200
Fonzi, RobertaN/ACity Council, City of Atascadero $250
Franco, LouiseN/ACity Council, City of Selma $500
Friedman, LauraDAssembly $4,200
Fudge, DeboraN/ACity Council, City of Windsor $500
Fung, DavidN/ACity Council, City of Cupertino $250
Garcia, EduardoDAssembly $1,300
Garcia, KathyN/ATrustee, Stockton Unified School Board $1,000
Gleason, MickN/ASupervisor, Kern County $500
Gloria, ToddDAssembly $2,600
Glover, FederalN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County $500
Goh, KarenN/AMayor, City of Bakersfield $1,000
Gonzalez, LorenaDAssembly $2,500
Gore, BonnieN/ACity Council, City of Roseville $250
Grayson, TimDAssembly $4,200
Gregory, SteveN/ACity Council, City of Paso Robles $250
Grossi, DominicN/ASupervisor, Marin County $500
Hanson, HaroldN/ACity Council, City of Bakersfield $500
Harris, DilennaN/ACity Council, City of Vacaville $250
Harrison, BillN/AMayor, City of Fremont $500
Haubert, DavidN/AMayor, City of Dublin $250
Healy, MikeN/ACity Council, City of Petaluma $200
Hilliard, JimN/ACity Council, City of Woodland $250
Holden, ChrisDAssembly $2,200
Holman, ElbertN/ASupervisor, San Joaquin County $1,000
Hopkins, LyndaN/ASupervisor, Sonoma County $2,500
Indihar Giordano, DebbieN/AMayor, City of Milpitas $250
Ioakimedes, MikeN/ASupervisor, Solano County $500
Irwin, JacquiDAssembly $2,900
Jimenez, SergioN/ACity Council, City of San Jose $250
Johnson, RandyN/ACity Council, City of Scotts Valley $80
Jones-Taylor, AudreeN/ABoard of Directors, East Bay Regional Parks Board $500
Kearney, GabeN/ACity Council, City of Petaluma $200
Kiley, KileyRAssembly $4,200
Klein, LarryN/ACity Council, City of Sunnyvale $250
Lambert, SteveN/ASupervisor, Butte County $500
Lavagnino, SteveN/ASupervisor, Santa Barbara County $1,250
Levine, FriendsDAssembly $2,000
Lind, DonnaN/ACity Council, City of Scotts Valley $100
Liu, JerryN/ACity Council, City of Cupertino $250
Luros, MaryN/ACity Council, City of Napa $500
Ly, SteveN/AMayor, City of Elk Grove $1,000
Maciel, MikeN/AMayor, City of Tracy $225
Mahoney, OrrinN/ATrustee, Foothill DeAnza Community College District $250
Maienschein, BrianRAssembly $2,000
Martin-Milius, TaraN/ACity Council, City of Sunnyvale $250
Mathis, DevonRAssembly $4,200
McCarty, KevinDAssembly $1,500
McLeod, JillN/ACity Council, City of Merced $500
Medina, MedinaDAssembly $1,300
Melendez, MelissaRAssembly $1,500
Melton, RussN/ACity Council, City of Sunnyvale $250
Miller, KathyN/ACity Council, City of Petaluma $200
Montano, CarmenN/AMayor, City of Milpitas $250
Murphy, MikeN/AMayor, City of Merced $500
Myrick, JaelN/ACity Council, City of Richmond $500
Nascimento, StevenN/ACity Council, City of Turlock $250
Nguyen, JimmyN/ACity Council, City of San Jose $250
Nguyen, MadisonDAssembly $4,200
Olivares, ErnestoN/ACity Council, City of Santa Rosa $500
O'Malley, TomN/AMayor, City of Atascadero $250
Orozco, QuirinaN/ACity Council, City of West Sacramento $250
Parra, DanielN/ACity Council, City of Fowler $225
Patino, AliceN/AMayor, City of Santa Maria $300
Pedrozo, JoshN/AMayor, City of Merced $500
Peters, SusanN/ASupervisor, Sacramento County $250
Portantino, AnthonyDSenate $3,200
Poythress, RobertN/ASupervisor, Madera County $750
Quintero, SalN/ASupervisor, Fresno County $1,000
Ransom, RhodesiaN/ACity Council, City of Tracy $500
Ridley-Thomas, SebastianDAssembly $2,700
Rodefer, KarlN/ASupervisor, Tuolumne County $(750)
Rogers, ChrisN/ACity Council, City of Santa Rosa $500
Roth, Maj. General Richard D.DSenate $2,600
Rubio, BlancaDAssembly $8,400
Rubio, RalphN/AMayor, City of Seaside $250
Rucker, BobN/ABoard of Directors, Tuolumne Utility District Board $250
Sandeen, BeverlyN/ACity Council, City of West Sacramento $250
Santiago, MiguelDAssembly $3,200
Schwab, AnnN/ACity Council, City of Chico $250
Scrivner, ZackN/ASupervisor, Kern County $500
Sedgley, ScottN/ACity Council, City of Napa $500
Sheffield, EdN/ATrustee, Santa Rosa School Board $500
Stallard, ThomasN/ACity Council, City of Woodland $250
Starsky, JeffN/ACity Council, City of Folsom $150
Strong, FredN/ACity Council, City of Paso Robles $250
Suen, DarrenN/ACity Council, City of Elk Grove $1,000
Sullivan, JacquieN/ACity Council, City of Bakersfield $500
Sunga, HermieN/ACity Council, City of Vallejo $250
Tate, SteveN/AMayor, City of Morgan Hill $250
Techel, JillN/AMayor, City of Napa $500
Teeter, DougN/ASupervisor, Butte County $500
Terry, DonaldN/ACity of Rancho Cordova $500
Thomson, SkipN/ASupervisor, Solano County $500
Tibbetts, JackN/ACity Council, City of Santa Rosa $500
Ting, PhilDAssembly $2,900
Tricerri, JovanniN/ACity Council, City of Chico $250
Tubbs, MichaelN/AMayor, City of Stockton $2,000
Vaccaro, RickN/ACity Council, City of Fairfield $500
Voepel, RandyRAssembly $1,500
Waldron, WaldronRAssembly $2,000
Waterman, RichardN/ACity Council, City of Campbell $300
Wong, GilbertN/ATrustee, Foothill DeAnza Community College District $300
Woodward, PerryN/AMayor, City of Gilroy $250
Young, NancyN/ACity Council, City of Tracy $500
Zapien, MosesN/ASupervisor, San Joaquin County $2,000
Zellner, JeffN/ACity Council, City of Manteca $1,000
  Total Corporate Contributions to Candidates$162,480
Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee IAFF Local 689N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Alice B. Toklas Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
Alliance for California's Tomorrow, A California Business and Labor CoalitionN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $25,000
Asian Pacific Democratic Club PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $7,000
Asian Pacific-Islander Empowerment PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $4,000
Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Large Donor PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
Bay Area Legislative Leaders PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000
Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
Bipartisan Policy Center Advocacy Network Inc.NPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $125,000
Black Women Organized for Political Action State PAC (BWOPA)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
Building A Stronger Valley, Assemblymember Matt Dababneh Ballot Measure CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
Building and Protecting a Strong CaliforniaN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $30,000
Building Coalitions for ExcellenceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
Building Owners & Managers Assn of SF PAC - BOMA -SF - PAC - Ballot IssuesN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000
Business and Community Action Committee of the Vacaville Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
California Alliance for Progress and Education, an Alliance of Small Business OrganizationsN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $50,000
California Apartment Association PAC (CAAPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
California Business Properties AssociationNPNon-Profit 501(c)(6) $3,300
California Citrus Mutual Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
California Democratic PartyDPolitical Party $409,000
California Electric Utility Industry Labor-Management Cooperation Committee Trust FundNPNon-Profit 501(c)(5) $40,000
California Fresh Fruit Association Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
California Independent Leadership AllianceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $34,250
California Issues ForumNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $15,000
California Republican PartyRPolitical Party $311,750
California State Society Inc.NPNon-Profit 501(c)(7) $30,000
Californians for Jobs and a Strong EconomyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $14,425
Californians for Jobs, Assemblymember Jim Cooper Ballot Measure CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Campaign for EqualityN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
Center ForwardNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $20,000
ChamberPAC Small Contributor CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $200
Citizens for Better Roads and Safer StreetsN/ABallot Measure Committee $1,000
Citizens for Measure VN/ABallot Measure Committee $2,500
Clovis PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
Coalition to Save Affordable Housing, Yes on CN/ABallot Measure Committee $25,000
Committee for Home Ownership of the North State Building Industry AssociationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
Committee on Jobs Government Reform FundN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $90,000
Committee to Keep BART Safe and Reliable - Yes on RR 2016, Major Funding by Mitch Kapor and CubicN/ABallot Measure Committee $10,000
Committee to Keep Contra Costa Moving Forward, Yes on Measure XN/ABallot Measure Committee $10,000
Countywide Coalition to Fix Our Roads, Fill Potholes, and Relieve Traffic CongestionN/ABallot Measure Committee $10,000
Davis Chamber of Commerce Business Issues CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
Del Norte County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $25,000
Democratic Association of Secretaries of StateNP527 $7,500
Democratic Women of Monterey CountyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
Democratic Women's Club of Santa Cruz CountyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
Dignity Fund Coalition, Yes on IN/ABallot Measure Committee $10,000
East PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Edison Electric InstituteNPNon-Profit 501(c)(6) $65,000
El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
Emerge AmericaNP527 $5,000
Emerge CaliforniaNP527 $10,000
Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
Folsom Chamber of Commerce PAC (aka BIZ-PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
Food Policy ActionNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $10,000
Fresno Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Friends of Sonoma County Regional Parks - Yes on Measure J, sponsored by the Federated Indians of Graton RancheriaN/ABallot Measure Committee $3,000
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, Inc.NP527 $35,000
Get Santa Cruz County Moving 2016 - Yes on D- Supported by Bruce McPherson, John Leopold & Don LaneN/ABallot Measure Committee $2,500
Golden State Leadership Fund PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
GROW ElectN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000
Harry S Truman Democratic ClubN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
HM&C Center Stage, LLCNPN/A $10,000
Honor PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000
Independent Voter PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $40,000
Invest in Oakland's Infrastructure and Affordable Housing - Yes on KKN/ABallot Measure Committee $10,000
JobsPAC, A Coalition of California EmployersN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $15,000
Keep California GoldenN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $30,000
Lincoln Club of Northern California PACRGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
Lincoln Club of the SierrasN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
Los Angeles County Democratic Party - State Candidate CommitteeDPolitical Party $25,000
Marin Builders Association PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $4,000
Modesto Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee - (MOPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
Monterey County Business Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
Monterey County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $3,000
Napa-Solano Building Trades Political Education CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $4,000
Napa-Solano Counties Central Labor Council Committee on Political Education, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee $7,000
Neighbors for a Safer San Jose, Yes on F, A Coalition of Community Organizations, Businesses and Mayor Sam LiccardoN/ABallot Measure Committee $10,000
Nisei Farmers League PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000
No LabelsNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $25,000
North Bay Labor Council Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
North Bay Leadership Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,000
Northern Californian Engineering Contractors Association PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Oakland Jobs PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,500
OakPAC, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $4,000
Pacific Gas and Electric Company State & Local PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,000
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
Red River Productions, LLCNPN/A $1,000
Region Builders Political Action Committee, sponsored by Region BusinessN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
Republican Central Committee of San Luis Obispo CountyRPolitical Party $500
Republican Main Street PartnershipRNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $30,000
Rocklin Political Action Committee Sponsored by the Rocklin Area Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
Roseville Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
Sacramento Builders' Exchange Political Action Committee (SBEPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Sacramento County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $25,000
Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Safe Streets & Library, Yes on K, 2016N/ABallot Measure Committee $1,000
San Francisco Democratic County Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $5,000
San Francisco Fire Fighters P.A.C.N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $7,000
San Joaquin and Calaveras Counties CLC COPE CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500
San Joaquin Valley Latino Leaders PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,500
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC (ChamberPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
San Leandro Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
San Mateo County Central Labor Council COPEN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $12,500
San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Candidates PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500
Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $8,500
Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee United Democratic CampaignDPolitical Party $2,000
Santa Rosa Chamber Business and Community PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
SF Forward, Sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000
SLO County Democratic PartyDPolitical Party $500
So. Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council Comm on Political Education (COPE)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000
Solano County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $1,500
Sonoma County Alliance PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $11,750
SUNPACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000
The Congressional Institute, Inc.NPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $27,500
The Democratic Party of Mendocino CountyDPolitical Party $25,000
The Latino CoalitionNPNon-Profit 501(c)(6) $35,000
The Ripon Society Inc.NPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $35,000
Third WayNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $125,000
United Association of Journeyman & 403 Local Plumbers & SteamfittersNPNon-Profit 501(c)(5) $1,000
Unity PAC, A Sponsored Committee of the Central Labor Council of Alameda County, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000
Voto Latino Action FundNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $15,000
Women in PowerN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000
Women's Campaign FundNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $35,000
Yes on 58 - Californians for English Proficiency Sponsored by Teachers and Service Employees OrganizationsN/ABallot Measure Committee $7,500
Yes on A for Affordable HousingN/ABallot Measure Committee $1,650
Yolo County Democratic Central Committee State AccountDPolitical Party $25,000
 Total Corporate Contributions to Others $2,266,825
 All Corporate Contributions July - December 2016 $2,429,305