2015 Campaign Contributions

The following candidates, state and local ballot measures, political parties and other committees received corporate campaign contributions from PG&E during the last six months of 2015. All contributions disclosed in this report were made in accordance with the PG&E's Political Contribution Policy and Procedures.

Aguiar-Curry, CeciliaDAssembly $2,200.00
Aguirre, AliciaN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City $250.00
Ah You, KristiN/ACity Council, City of Modesto $500.00
Allen, TravisRAssembly $2,700.00
Andersen, CandaceN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County $500.00
Armstrong, HarryN/ACity Council, City of Clovis $750.00
Arnold, DebbieN/ASupervisor, San Luis Obispo County $500.00
Ashbeck, LynneN/ACity Council, City of Clovis $500.00
Atkins, ToniDSenate $4,200.00
Bain, IanN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City $250.00
Baker, CatharineRAssembly $2,700.00
Bigelow, FrankRAssembly $5,400.00
Bloom, RichardDAssembly $1,300.00
Blower, MichaelN/ACity Council, City of Stockton $1,000.00
Bocanegra, RaulDAssembly $2,900.00
Bonta, RobDAssembly $400.00
Borgens, JamesN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City $250.00
Brough, BillRAssembly $4,200.00
Burke, AutumnDAssembly $1,200.00
Carson, KeithDSupervisor, County of Alameda $500.00
Cervantez Alejo, KarinaDAssembly $2,000.00
Chan, WilmaRSupervisor, County of Alameda $1,250.00
Compton, LynnRSupervisor, San Luis Obispo County $1,000.00
Cooley, KenDAssembly $1,600.00
Cooper, JimDAssembly $5,400.00
Correa, LouN/ASupervisor, Orange County $500.00
Cunningham, JordanRAssembly $3,200.00
Dahle, BrianRAssembly $5,400.00
Dodd, BillDSenate $3,200.00
Durossette, BretN/ACity Council, City of Ceres $100.00
Eggman, SusanDAssembly $1,200.00
Farinelli, RichardN/ASupervisor, Madera County$750.00
Flores, JoseN/ACity Council, City of Clovis$750.00
Frazier, JimDAssembly$700.00
Gaines, TedRSenate$2,000.00
Galgiani, CathleenDSenate$8,400.00
Gallagher, JamesRAssembly$2,700.00
Garbarino , RichardN/ACity Council, City of South San Francisco$500.00
Garcia, EduardoDAssembly$1300.00
Gipson, MikeDAssembly$5,400.00
Glazer, SteveDSenate$4,200.00
Gloria, ToddDAssembly$1,500.00
Gore, JamesN/ASupervisor, Sonoma County$1000.00
Gray, AdamDAssembly$7,100.00
Guerra, EricN/ACity Council, City of Sacramento$1,000.00
Hadley, DavidRAssembly$2,200.00
Hanvelt, RandyN/ASupervisor, Tuolumne County$1,000.00
Harper, MatthewRAssembly$1,500.00
Hill, AdamN/ASupervisor, San Luis Obispo County$500.00
Holden, ChrisDAssembly$2,900.00
Irwin, JacquiDAssembly$2,900.00
Jacob, MatthewN/ACity Council, City of Turlock$2,50.00
Joaquin Arambula, JoaquinDSenate$4,000.00
Jones-Sawyer Sr., ReginaldDAssembly$5,400.00
Kim, YoungRAssembly$2,700.00
Kline. MikeN/ACity Council, City of Ceres$100.00
Kramer, GusN/ACounty Assessor, Contra Costa County$500.00
Lara, RicardoDSenate$4,200.00
Low, EvanDAssembly$1,600.00
Lucan, EricN/ACity Council, City of Novato$250.00
MacGlashan, RobertaN/ASupervisor, Sacramento County$250.00
Magsig, NathanN/ACity Council, City of Clovis$750.00
Maienschein, BrianRAssembly$4,200.00
Masur, ShellyN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City$250.00
Mathism, DevonRSenate$3,000.00
Mayes, ChadRAssembly$6,900.00
Medina, JoseDAssembly$2,900.00
Melendez, MelissaRAssembly$2,700.00
Mendes, JustinN/ACity Council, City of Hanford$500.00
Mendoza, TonyN/AN/A$1000.00
Monica, WilsonN/ACity Council, City of Antioch$500.00
Morgan, SeanN/ACity Council, City of Chico$500.00
Morowit, MikeN/ACity Council, City of Manteca$500.00
Morrell, MikeRSenate$4,200.00
Murphy, MikeN/ACity Council, City of Merced$500.00
Nazarian, AdrinDAssembly$700.00
Obernolte, JayRAssembly$1,200.00
Oddie, JimN/ACity Council, City of Alameda$500.00
O'Donnell, PatrickDAssembly$2,900.00
Parlier, ChrisN/ACity Council, City of Bakersfield$500.00
Patrascu, EmanuelRAssembly$1000.00
Pedrozo, JohnN/ASupervisor, Merced County$250.00
Pedrozo, JoshN/ACity Council, City of Merced$500.00
Perea, HenryN/ASupervisor, Fresno County$225.00
Pierce, JulieN/ACity Council, City of Clayton$500.00
Portantino, AnthonyDSenate$4200.00
Potter, DaveN/ASupervisor, Monterey County$500.00
Quirk, BillDAssembly$3,000.00
Ridley-Thomas, SebastianDAssembly$4,200.00
Rivera, WillieN/ACity Council, City of Bakersfield$500.00
Rodriguez, FreddieDAssembly$1,600.00
Rosenthal, MonicaN/ASupervisor, Lake County$250.00
Roth, RichardDSenate$4,200.00
Runner, SharonRSenate$2,700.00
Salas, RudyDAssembly$5,200.00
Santiago, MiguelDAssembly$3,000.00
Soiseth, GaryN/AMayor, City of Turlock$500.00
Steinorth, MarcRAssembly$1,200.00
Stone, RandallN/ACity Council, City of Chico$500.00
Suen, DarrenN/ACity Council, City of Elk Grove$1,000.00
Swanson, SandreDSenate$4,200.00
Thurmond, TonyDAssembly$2,700.00
Vierra, ChrisN/AMayor, City of Ceres$250.00
Waldron, MarieRAssembly$2,200.00
Wilk, ScottRAssembly$2,200.00
Wright, DanielN/ACity Council, City of Stockton$1,000.00
  Total California Corporate Contributions to Candidates $205,625.00
Candidate/Committee/OrganizationPartyCommittee TypeAmount
Alice B. Toklas Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Alliance for California's Tomorrow, A California Business and Labor CoalitionN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$35,000.00
American Sikh PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Asian Americans for Good Government PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Asian Pacific Democratic Club PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$7,500.00
Asian Pacific-Islander Empowerment PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Bay Area Council Political Action Committee (BACPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,5000.00
Bay Area Legislative Leaders PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$25,000.00
Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Black Women Organized for Political Action State PAC (BWOPA)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Building Owners & Managers Assn of SF PAC - BOMA -SF - PAC - Ballot IssuesN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Business and Community Action Committee of the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce (Vacaville BACPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2500.00
Business Forward, Inc.NPNon-Profit 501(c)(6)$50,000.00
California Apartment Association PAC (CAAPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$18,000.00
California Asian Chamber of Commerce Candidate Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
California Business Properties AssociationNPNon-Profit 501(c)(6)$3,300.00
California Cattlemen's Association Political Action Committee (Cattle-PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
California Cotton Ginners and Growers PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
California Democratic PartyDPolitical Party$305000.00
California Farm Bureau Fund to Protect the Family Farm (FARM PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1000.00
California Independent Leadership AllianceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$30,000.00
California Issues ForumNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$15000.00
California Latino Caucus Leadership PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$20,000.00
California Republican PartyRPolitical Party$1,97,194.60
California Republican Taxpayers AssociationRGeneral Purpose Committee$625.00
California State SocietyNPNon-Profit 501(c)(7)$20,000.00
California Works: Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins Ballot Measure CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Californian's for Fair Tax Policy, Senator Hertzberg Ballot Measure CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Californians for Jobs and a Strong EconomyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$25,000.00
Californians for Jobs, Assemblymember Jim Cooper Ballot Measure CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Campaign for EqualityN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Clovis PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Committee for Home Ownership of the North State Building Industry AssociationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2000.00
Committee on Jobs Government Reform FundN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$50,000.00
Congressional Black Caucus Political Education & Leadership InstituteNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$30,000.00
Contra Costa United Working Families (CCUWF) Sponsored by Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Davis Chamber of Commerce Business Issues CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Democratic Party of Santa Cruz CountyDPolitical Party$5,000.00
Democratic Women of Monterey CountyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,250.00
Democratic Women's Club of Santa Cruz CountyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
East Bay Leadership CouncilNPNon-Profit 501(c)(6)$1,000.00
East Bay Young DemocratsN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$500.00
East PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5000.00
El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Emerge CaliforniaD527$8,000.00
Equality CaliforniaNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$25,000.00
Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3000.00
Family Farmers Alliance Sponsored by the Sonoma County Farm BureauN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Folsom Chamber of Commerce PAC (aka BIZ-PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Fresno Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Fresno County Democratic Central CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Fresno-Madera-Tulare-Kings Labor Council COPEN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, Inc.NP527$60,000.00
Golden State Leadership Fund PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$39,675.00
Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
GROW ElectN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Harry S Truman Democratic ClubN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Hayward Chamber of Commerce Good Government NowN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,000.00
HM&C Center Stage, LLCNP$10,000.00
Honor PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$22,500.00
Independent Voter PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$50,000.00
Independent Voter ProjectNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$50,000.00
JobsPAC, A Coalition of California EmployersN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$29,700.00
Keep California GoldenN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$25,000.00
Keep California Healthy. Keep Dr. Pan. Vote No on the RecallDBallot Measure Committee$5,000.00
Lincoln Club of Northern CaliforniaNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$7,000.00
Lincoln Club of Placer CountyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Marin Builders Association PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$7,000.00
Modesto Chamber PAC (MOPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Monterey Bay Action Committee-Cadidates-A Monterey County Hospitality PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$625.00
Monterey Bay Central Labor Council COPE Fund - All Purpose AccountN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$6,500.00
Monterey County Business Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,000.00
Monterey County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party$4,500.00
Monterey County Republican Central CommitteeRPolitical Party$2,500.00
My Vote Counts, a Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$4,000.00
Napa-Solano Building Trades Political Education CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,700.00
Napa-Solano Counties Central Labor Council Committee on Political Education, AFL-CIO NPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$3,600.00
National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed OfficialsNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$5,0000.00
Nisei Farmers League PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
North Bay Leadership Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Northern Californian Engineering Contractors Association PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,200.00
Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce (OakPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$12,500.00
Pacific Gas and Electric Company State & Local PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,000.00
Pajaro Valley Cesar Chavez Democratic ClubN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Perea Reviving Jobs & Economy Ballot Measure CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee$6,500.00
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Business and Community PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
Plumbers and Steamfitters LU #403 General FundsNPNon-Profit 501(c)(6)$1,500.00
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Republican Central Committee of San Luis Obispo CountyRPolitical Party$41,200.00
S.F. ModeratesN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
San Benito County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party$2,000.00
San Benito County Republican Party-StateRPolitical Party$2,000.00
San Francisco Democratic County Central CommitteeDPolitical Party$10,000.00
San Joaquin and Calaveras Counties CLC COPE CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC (ChamberPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$8,000.00
San Leandro Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
San Luis Obispo County Democratic PartyDPolitical Party$6,000.00
San Mateo County Central Labor Council COPEN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$9,000.00
San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Candidates PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,500.00
Santa Rosa Chamber Business and Community PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
SF Forward, Sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
SF Housing Now, Yes on AN/ABallot Measure Committee$25,000.00
So. Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council Comm on Political Education (COPE)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
South San Francisco Committee for Measure W 2015N/ABallot Measure Committee$1,500.00
SUNPACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
The Congressional Institute, Inc.NPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$25,000.00
The Democratic Party of Mendocino CountyDPolitical Party$25,000.00
Third WayNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$12,5000.00
Tri-Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIONPNon-Profit 501(c)(6)$5,000.00
Tri-Counties Central Labor Council COPE PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,000.00
Tulare County Republican Central CommitteeRPolitical Party$1,500.00
Unity PAC, A Sponsored Committee of the Central Labor Council of Alameda County, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee$4000.00
Vallejo Political Action Committee (VALPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Valley Solutions: Assemblymember Adam Gray's Ballot Measure CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Voto Latino Action FundNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4)$1,5000.00
Western Agricultural Processors Assn PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,500.00
Yes On SN/ABallot Measure Committee$1,500.00
Yolo County Democratic Central Committee State AccountDPolitical Party$2,5000.00
 Total California Corporate Contributions to Others  $1,839,069.60
 All Corporate Contributions - July - December 2015  $2,044,694.60