2015 Campaign Contributions

The following candidates, state and local ballot measures, political parties and other committees received corporate campaign contributions from PG&E during the first six months of 2015. All contributions disclosed in this report were made in accordance with the PG&E's Political Contribution Policy and Procedures.

Achadjian, KatchoRSenate $1,500.00
Allen, BenDSenate $1000.00
Allen, TravisRAssembly $1,500.00
Andersen, CandaceN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County $500.00
Baker, CatharineRAssembly $1,500.00
Bigelow, FrankRAssembly $3000.00
Bocanegra, RaulDAssembly $1,300.00
Bonilla, SusanDSenate $4,200.00
Bonta, RobDAssembly $3,800.00
Borgeas, AndreasN/ASupervisor, Fresno County $1,000.00
Bradford, StevenDSenate $400.00
Brown, CherylDAssembly $4,200.00
Burke, AutumnDAssembly $3,000.00
Calderon, IanDAssembly $4,200.00
Chang, Ling LingRSenate $4,200.00
Cooley, KenDAssembly $2,600.00
Cooper, JimDAssembly $3,000.00
Correa, LouN/ASupervisor, Orange County $500.00
Couch, DavidN/ASupervisor, Kern County $500.00
Cunningham, JordanRAssembly $1000.00
Dababneh, MattDAssembly $5,200.00
Dahle, BrianRAssembly $3000.00
Daly, TomDAssembly $4,200.00
Dodd, BillDAssembly $1,000.00
Eggman, SusanDAssembly $3000.00
Frazier, JimDAssembly $3,500.00
Gallagher, JamesRAssembly $1,500.00
Garcetti, EricN/AMayor, City of Los Angeles $1,400.00
Garcia, CristinaDAssembly $4,200.00
Gipson, MikeDAssembly $3,000.00
Gomez, JimmyDAssembly $2,500.00
Gonzalez, LorenaDAssembly $1,300.00
Gray, AdamRAssembly $1,300.00
Grewal, ManiN/AModesto City Council $500.00
Hadley, DavidRAssembly $2,000.00
Harper, WadeN/AMayor, City of Antioch $1,000.00
Holden, ChrisDAssembly $1,300.00
Huff, BobN/ASupervisor, Los Angeles County $500.00
Irwin, JacquiDAssembly $1,300.00
Jones-Sawyer, ReginaldDAssembly $3,000.00
Kim, YoungRAssembly $1,500.00
Lackey, ThomasRAssembly $4,200.00
Lara, RicardoDSenate $4,200.00
Linder, EricRAssembly $4,200.00
Low, EvanDAssembly $2,600.00
Marsh,GarradN/AMayor, City of Modesto $1000.00
Mayes, ChadRAssembly $1,500.00
Medina, JoseDAssembly $1,300.00
Melendez, MelissaRAssembly $1,500.00
Mendes, ErnestN/ASupervisor, Fresno County $225.00
Molina, LuisN/ABoard of Supervisors, Merced County $225.00
Nazarian, AdrinDAssembly $3,500.00
O'Banion, JerryN/ASupervisor, Merced County $225.00
Obernolte, JayRAssembly $3,000.00
O'Donnell, PatrickDAssembly $1,300.00
Pan, RichardDSenate $2,500.00
Patterson, JimRAssembly $4,200.00
Paul, PatN/AMayor, City of Oakdale $500.00
Perez, LeticiaN/ASupervisor, Kern County $500.00
Quirk, BillDAssembly $4,200.00
Rendon, AnthonyDAssembly $4,200.00
Rodriguez, FreddieDAssembly $2,600.00
Runner, SharonRSenate $1,500.00
Salas, RudyDAssembly $1,000.00
Santiago, MiguelDAssembly $1,000.00
Steinorth, MarcRAssembly $3,000.00
Swanson, SandreDSenate $4,200.00
Thurmond, TonyDAssembly $1,500.00
Ting, PhilDAssembly $4,200.00
Waldron, MarieRAssembly $2,000.00
Weber, ShirleyDAssembly $1,300.00
Wilk, ScottRAssembly $2,000.00
Wood, JimDAssembly $4,200.00
  Total California Corporate Contributions to Candidates $162,700.00
Candidate/Committee/OrganizationPartyCommittee TypeAmount
Alliance for California's Tomorrow, a California Business and Labor CoalitionN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $25,000.00
Asian Pacific-Islander Empowerment PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,500.00
Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Large Donor PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Bay Area Citizens PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000.00
Bipartisan Policy Center Advocacy NetworkNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $25,000.00
Business Forward, Inc.NPNon-Profit 501(c)(6) $50,000.00
California Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee, aka ChamberPAC N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $800.00
California Citrus Mutual Political Action Committee N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
California Democratic Party DPolitical Party $60,000
California Fresh Fruit Association Political Action Committee N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500.00
California Independent Leadership AllianceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $20,000.00
California Republican PartyRPolitical Party $146,405.40
California Retailers Association Good Government CouncilN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $7,000.00
California TrailblazersN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000.00
Californians for Jobs and a Strong EconomyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $50,000.00
ChamberPAC Small Contributor CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $200.00
Common Sense San JoaquinN/ALAFCO Application $33,528.36
Del Norte County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $20,000.00
Independent Voter ProjectNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $20,000.00
Los Angeles County Democratic Party State Candidate CommiteeDPolitical Party $35,000.00
Napa-Solano Counties Central Labor CouncilN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $4,500.00
No LabelsNPNon-Profit 501(c)(4) $25,000.00
North Bay Labor Council Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
North Bay Leadership Council Issues PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
North Bay Leadership Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Pacific Gas and Electric Company State & Local PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Perea Reviving Jobs & Economy Ballot Measure CommitteeDCandidate-Controlled Ballot Measure Committee $3,500.00
Republican Main Street PartnershipRNon-Profit 501(c)(5) $30,000.00
Rocklin Political Action Committee Sponsored by the Rocklin Area Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000.00
Roseville Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000.00
Sacramento County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $35,000.00
Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee United Democratic CampaignDPolitical Party $2,000.00
Sonoma County Alliance PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000.00
The Business Council for Sustainable EnergyN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(6) $35,000.00
Turlock Action for Business PAC (TAB PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500.00
Unity PAC, A Sponsored Committee of the Central Labor Council of Alameda County, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee $6,000.00
Valley Solutions: Assembly Member Adam Gray's Ballot Measure CommitteeDCandidate-Controlled Ballot Measure Committee $5,000.00
Women in PowerN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5000.00
 Total California Corporate Contributions to Others  $726,933.76
 All Corporate Contributions - January - June 2015  $889,633.76