2014 Campaign Contributions

The following candidates, state and local ballot measures, political parties and other committees received corporate campaign contributions from PG&E during the first six months of 2014:

Achadjian, KatchoRAssembly $1,000.00
Alejo, LuisDAssembly $250.00
Allen, TravisRAssembly $1,000.00
Arnold, JudyN/ABoard of Supervisors, Marin County $1,000.00
Baines, OliverN/ACity Council, City of Fresno $1,000.00
Barajas, AngelN/ACity Council, City of Woodland $500.00
Baugh, LesN/ABoard of Supervisors, Shasta County $1,000.00
Brown, Edmund G, Jr.DGovernor $27,200.00
Calderon, IanDAssembly $1,000.00
Chan, WilmaN/ABoard of Supervisors, Alameda County $1,000.00
Chavez, RockyRAssembly $2,750.00
Dababneh, MattDAssembly $1,500.00
Dahle, BrianRAssembly $1,250.00
Daly, TomDAssembly $3,000.00
de la Piedra, MarioRAssembly $1,500.00
de Leon, KevinDSenate $1,000.00
Dillon, DianeN/ABoard of Supervisors, Napa County $2,500.00
Dossetti, Mark (Tony)N/ABoard of Supervisors, Merced County $750.00
Ferreira, KevinN/ASacramento Municipal Utilities District Sacramento County $750.00
Frazier, BrettN/ABoard of Supervisors, Madera County $750.00
Frazier, JimDAssembly $2,500.00
Freeman Somera, JanellN/ASan Joaquin County Board of Education $500.00
Fudge, DeboraN/ABoard of Supervisors, Sonoma County $1,000.00
Garcia, EduardoDAssembly $3,000.00
Garcia, RobertN/AMayor, City of Long Beach $250.00
Gatto, MikeDAssembly $1,000.00
Gipson, MikeDAssembly $4,100.00
Gonzalez, LorenaDAssembly $1,000.00
Gore, JamesN/ABoard of Supervisors, Sonoma County $2,500.00
Hanvelt, RandyN/ABoard of Supervisors, Tuolumne County $1,500.00
Hernandez, RogerDAssembly $1,500.00
Holman, ElbertN/ACity Council, City of Stockton $1,000.00
Jeandron, GaryRAssembly $1,000.00
Jennings, RickN/ACity Council, City of Sacramento $1,000.00
Johnson, RussellN/AAssessor-Recorder, Kern County $500.00
Jones-Sawyer, ReginaldDAssembly $2,500.00
Kirk, MaureenN/ABoard of Supervisors, Butte County $500.00
Lofthus, SusanN/ACity Council, City of Stockton $750.00
Maggard, MikeN/ABoard of Supervisors, Kern County $500.00
Marble, BillN/ACity Council, City of Woodland $500.00
McDaniel, DaronN/ABoard of Supervisors, Merced County $750.00
McGuire, MikeDSenate $1,500.00
Mendoza, RudyRAssembly $1,500.00
Miller, KathyN/ABoard of Supervisors, San Joaquin County $2,000.00
Mitchell, HollyDSenate $2,500.00
Monteith, DickN/ABoard of Supervisors, Stanislaus County $750.00
Muenzer, JerryN/ABoard of Supervisors, San Benito County $500.00
Nader, StanN/ACity Council, City of Lincoln $100.00
Nazarian, AdrinDAssembly $2,200.00
Novelli, TheodoreN/ABoard of Supervisors, Amador County $1,500.00
O'Banion, JerryN/ABoard of Supervisors, Merced County $225.00
O'Donnell, PatrickDAssembly $1,000.00
Olivier, ClintN/ACity Council, City of Fresno $1,000.00
Ortiz, JesseN/AYolo County Superintendent $250.00
Padilla, AlexDCalifornia Secretary of State $3,000.00
Pan, Dr. RichardDSenate $1,000.00
Parra, DanielN/ABoard of Supervisors, Fresno County $500.00
Pedroza, AlfredoN/ACity Council, City of Napa $1,000.00
Perea, Henry R.N/ABoard of Supervisors, Fresno County $225.00
Phillips, JohnN/ABoard of Supervisors, Monterey County $500.00
Potter, DaveN/ABoard of Supervisors, Monterey County $500.00
Quintero, SalN/ACity Council, City of Fresno $1,000.00
Ranalli, MichaeliN/ABoard of Supervisors, El Dorado County $100.00
Ray, CarenN/ABoard of Supervisors, San Luis Obispo County $1,000.00
Ridley-Thomas, SebastianDAssembly $2,000.00
Rivera, WillieN/ACity Council, City of Bakersfield $500.00
Rohan, SusanN/ACity Council, City of Roseville $100.00
Rogers, DavidN/ABoard of Supervisors, Madera County $750.00
Santiago, MiguelDAssembly $1,000.00
Scrivner, ZacharyN/ABoard of Supervisors, Kern County $500.00
Smith, JeffN/ABoard of Supervisors, Lake County $1,000.00
Steinorth, MarcRAssembly $4,100.00
Vidak, AndyRSenate $1,100.00
Villegas, OscarN/ABoard of Supervisors, Yolo County $1,000.00
Verboon, DougN/ABoard of Supervisors, Kings County $750.00
Weber, Dr. ShirleyDAssembly $1,300.00
Wheeler, TomN/ABoard of Supervisors, Madera County $225.00
Williams, RobertN/ABoard of Supervisors, Tehama County $1,000.00
Wysocky, GaryN/AAuditor-Controller Treasurer Tax Collector, Sonoma County $1,000.00
Yovino, JimN/AFresno County Superintendent of Schools $500.00
  Total California Corporate Contributions to Candidates $119,225.00
Candidate/Committee/OrganizationPartyCommittee TypeAmount
Alliance for California's Tomorrow, a California Business and Labor CoalitionN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $15,000.00
Asian Pacific Democratic Club PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $10,000.00
Asian Pacific-Islander Empowerment PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Large Donor PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Bipartisan Policy CenterN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4) $30,000.00
Building California's Future: John A. Perez Ballot Measure CommitteeDCandidate Controlled Committee $5,000.00
Building Owners & Managers Assocation of SF PAC Independent Expenditures - BOMA- SF PAC -IEN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Business Forward, Inc.N/ANon-Profit 501(c)(6) $50,000.00
California Apartment Assocation PAC (CAAPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,500.00
California Independent Leadership AllianceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $20,000.00
California Independent Voter ProjectN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4) $25,000.00
California Republican PartyRPolitical Party $94,850.00
California Retailers Association Good Government CouncilN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $6,800.00
California Works: Majority Leader Toni Atkins Ballot Measure CommitteeDCandidate Controlled Committee $10,000.00
Californians for Jobs and a Strong EconomyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $72,000.00
ChamberPAC Small Contributor CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $200.00
Chico Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000.00
Committee to Save the Lake 2014 Measure LN/ABallot Measure Committee $5,000.00
Committee to Support Bellevue Union School District Yes on Measure DN/ABallot Measure Committee $500.00
Common Sense San JoaquinN/ALAFCO Application $68,803.73
Congressional Black Caucus Political Education & Leadership InstituteN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4) $15,000.00
Democratic Party of Santa Cruz CountyDPolitical Party $5,000.00
Democratic State Central Committee of CaliforniaDPolitical Party $45,000.00
El Dorado County Voters for Local ControlN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000.00
El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500.00
Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,000.00
Folsom Chamber of Commerce PAC (aka BIZ-PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000.00
Fresno County Democratic Central Committee DPolitical Party $500.00
Fresno County Democratic Women's ClubN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $125.00
FRESPAC - Fresno Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Golden Gate Restaurant Association PAC (GGRAPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000.00
Harry S. Truman Democratic ClubN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000.00
Hayward Chamber of Commerce Good Government NowN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,000.00
Honor PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $25,000.00
Independent Voter PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $25,000.00
JobsPAC, a Coalition of California EmployersN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $25,000.00
Lincoln Club of Fresno CountyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $500.00
Los Angeles County Democratic PartyDPolitical Party $25,000.00
Los Angeles County Democratic Party - Issues and Advocacy CommitteeDPolitical Party $2,500.00
Napa-Solano Counties Central Labor CouncilN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
National Association of Latino Elected & Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational FundN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4) $50,000.00
Neighborhood Empowerment CoalitionN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $7,500.00
North Bay Labor Council Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
North Bay Leadership Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
Oakland Jobs PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
PG&E State & Local PACN/APAC Administrative/Legal Fees $2,000.00
Plan C San Francisco PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000.00
Republican Central Committee of San Luis Obispo CountyRPolitical Party $42,000.00
Rocklin Political Action Committee Sponsored by the Rocklin Area Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000.00
San Francisco Democratic County Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $5,000.00
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
San Leandro Chamber PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
San Luis Obispo County Democratic PartyDPolitical Party $7,500.00
Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
So. Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Sonoma County Alliance PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Sonoma, Mendocino & Lake Counties Building & Construction Trades Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
SUNPACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,000.00
Support Contra Costa Community Colleges 2014, Major Funding by Community College Foundations, Yes on Measure EN/ABallot Measure Committee $2,500.00
The Business Council for Sustainable EnergyN/ANon-Profit 501(c)(6) $35,000.00
The Congressional Institute, Inc.N/ANon-Profit 501(c)(4) $25,000.00
Tulare County Republican Central CommitteeRPolitical Party $30,000.00
Turlock Action for Business PAC (TAB PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500.00
Unity PAC, A Sponsored Committee of the Central Labor Council of Alameda County, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee $6,000.00
Valley Solutions: Assembly Member Adam Gray's Ballot Measure CommitteeDCandidate Controlled Committee $5,000.00
Vote Yes on G For Livermore KidsN/ABallot Measure Committee $500.00
 Total California Corporate Contributions to Others  $891,278.73
 All Corporate Contributions - January - June 2014  $1,010,503.73