2013 Campaign Contributions

The following candidates, state and local ballot measures, political parties and other committees received corporate campaign contributions from PG&E during the first six months of 2013:

Allen, TravisRAssembly $1,500.00
Alvarado, TeresaN/ABoard of Supervisors, Santa Clara County $500.00
Atkins, ToniDAssembly $1,500.00
Berryhill, TomRSenate $4,100.00
Bigelow, Frank RAssembly $1,900.00
Bloom, RichardDAssembly $1,000.00
Bocanegra, RaulDAssembly $1,500.00
Bonilla, SusanDAssembly $1,500.00
Bonta, RobDAssembly $4,100.00
Brown, CherylDAssembly $3,900.00
Calderon, IanDAssembly $2,900.00
Calderon, RonDCalifornia State Controller $4,100.00
Campos, NoraDAssembly $1,250.00
Cannella, AnthonyRSenate $1,750.00
Chan, WilmaN/ABoard of Supervisors, Alameda County $1,000.00
Chavez, CindyN/ABoard of Supervisors, Santa Clara County $500.00
Chavez, RockyRAssembly $2,500.00
Chiang, JohnDCalifornia State Treasurer $2,000.00
Christianson, CarlynN/ACity Council, City of San Luis Obispo $200.00
Cooley, KenDAssembly $1,500.00
Dahle, BrianRAssembly $2,500.00
Daly, TomDAssembly $1,900.00
Dickinson, RogerDSenate $1,000.00
Eggman, SusanDAssembly $1,500.00
Frazier, Jim DAssembly $3,000.00
Gaines, BethRAssembly $1,500.00
Galgiani, CathleenDSenate $1,500.00
Garcia, CristinaDAssembly $4,100.00
Gatto, MikeDAssembly $2,000.00
Gee, JeffN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City $250.00
Glazer, SteveDAssembly $1,000.00
Gomez, JimmyDAssembly $1,000.00
Gonzalez, LorenaDAssembly $2,600.00
Gordon, RichDAssembly $1,000.00
Gorell, Jeff RAssembly $4,000.00
Gray, AdamDAssembly $3,500.00
Hernandez, EdwardDSenate $1,500.00
Hertzberg, RobertDSenate $1,000.00
Holden, Chris DAssembly $2,600.00
Hueso, BenDSenate $1,000.00
Jones, BrianRAssembly $4,100.00
Jones-Sawyer, ReginaldDAssembly $2,500.00
Levine, MarcDAssembly $1,000.00
Lieu, TedDSenate $2,000.00
Lovingood, RobertN/ABoard of Supervisors, San Bernardino County $400.00
Ma, FionaDCalifornia Board of Equalization $6,500.00
Maienschein, BrianRAssembly $3,000.00
Marsh, Garrad N/AMayor, City of Modesto $1,000.00
Melendez, MelissaRAssembly $1,000.00
Mitchell, HollyDAssembly $1,500.00
Mullin, KevinDAssembly $3,000.00
Muratsuchi, AlbertDAssembly $1,000.00
Nascimento, StevenN/ACity Council, City of Turlock $250.00
Nazarian, AdrinDAssembly $1,000.00
Newsom, GavinDCalifornia Lieutenant Governor $5,000.00
Nielsen, JimRSenate $3,900.00
Olsen, KristinRAssembly $1,500.00
Padilla, AlexDCalifornia Secretary of State $1,000.00
Patterson, JimRAssembly $3,000.00
Perea, Henry T.DAssembly $1,000.00
Perez, LeticiaDSenate $1,000.00
Perez, V. MauelN/ABoard of Supervisors, Riverside County $3,500.00
Price, CurrenN/ACity Council, City of Los Angeles $700.00
Quirk, BillDAssembly $5,100.00
Quirk-Silva, SharonDAssembly $3,000.00
Rendon, AnthonyDAssembly $4,100.00
Roth, RichardDSenate $4,800.00
Runner, GeorgeRCalifornia Board of Equalization $4,300.00
Salas, RudyDAssembly $1,300.00
Saylor, DonN/ABoard of Supervisors, Yolo County $1,000.00
Sbranti, TimDAssembly $1,500.00
Schenirer, JayN/ACity Council, City of Sacramento $1,500.00
Seybert, JohnN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City $250.00
Solorio, JoseDSenate $1,000.00
Stone, MarkDAssembly $1,000.00
Taxpayers for Rod Wright Legal Defense FundDLegal Defense Fund $5,000.00
Ting, PhilDAssembly $3,300.00
Tonnesen, Marc N/AAssessor-Recorder, Solano County $500.00
Torres, NormaDSenate $2,500.00
Waldron, MarieRAssembly $1,500.00
Walters, MimiN/ABoard of Supervisors, Orange County $1,000.00
Wieckowski, BobDSenate $1,000.00
  Total California Corporate Contributions to Candidates $170,150.00
Candidate/Committee/OrganizationPartyCommittee TypeAmount
African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation ProjectN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Asian Pacific-Islander Empowerment PAC (API EMPOWERMENT PAC) N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Large Donor Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000.00
California Latino Caucus Leadership PAC N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500.00
California Republican PartyRPolitical Party $173,500.00
Californians for Good Schools & Good JobsN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $35,000.00
Californians for Jobs and a Strong EconomyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $38,000.00
ChamberPAC Small Contributor Committee, Sponsored by California Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $200.00
Citizens for Housing Opportunitites, a Candidate Political Action Committee of the Building Industry Association of the San Joaquin Valley, Inc. N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
Common Sense San JoaquinN/ALAFCO Application $75,259.20
Democratic Party of Santa Cruz CountyDPolitical Party $2,500.00
Democratic State Central Committee of CaliforniaDPolitical Party $97,000.00
Diversity PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $40,000.00
Kevin De Leon Believing in a Better California Ballot Measure CommitteeDCandidate-Controlled Ballot Measure Committee $5,000.00
Los Angeles County Democratic Party - State Candidate CommitteeDPolitical Party $2,500.00
Merced County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $20,000.00
One California for All - Leland Yee Ballot Measure CommitteeN/ABallot Measure Committee $2,500.00
Positive Change for California N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Pro Active Democrats DGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
San Francisco Democratic County Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $10,000.00
San Luis Obispo County Democratic PartyDPolitical Party $10,000.00
San Mateo County Democratic Central CommitteeDPolitical Party $2,500.00
Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee United Democratic CampaignDPolitical Party $2,000.00
PG&E State & Local PACN/APAC Administrative/Legal Fees $2,419.47
Vote Strong California N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,500.00
  Total California Corporate Contributions to Others $544,878.67
 All California Corporate Contributions - January - June 2013  $715,028.67