2011 Federal PAC Contributions

The following candidates and organizations received campaign contributions from PG&E Corporation's employee federal PAC (EnergyPAC) in 2011:

Candidate/PAC/Other Party Office 2011 Total
Cardin, Benjamin L.DUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Carper, Thomas R.DUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Gillibrand, Kristin ElizabethDUnited States Senate$2,000.00
Hatch, Orrin G.RUnited States Senate$2,000.00
Johnson, TimDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Landrieu, MaryDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
McConnell, MitchRUnited States Senate$2,000.00
Murkowski, LisaRUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Pryor, MarkDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Reid, HarryDUnited States Senate$1,500.00
Rockefeller, John DavidsonDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Stabenow, DebbieDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Tester, JonDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Udall, MarkDUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Whitehouse, SheldonDUnited States Senate$2,500.00
Wicker, Roger F.RUnited States Senate$1,000.00
Total U.S. Senate Contributions$21,000.00
Baca, JoeDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Bass, CharlesRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Bass, KarenDHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Becerra, XavierDHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Bilbray, BrianRHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Camp, DavidRHouse of Representatives$2,500.00
Cantor, EricRHouse of Representatives$2,500.00
Capps, LoisDHouse of Representatives$500.00
Cardoza, DennisDHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Clyburn, JamesDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Costa, JimDHouse of Representatives$3,750.00
Crowley, JosephDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
DeGette, Diana L.DHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Denham, JeffRHouse of Representatives$3,500.00
Eshoo, AnnaDHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Farr, SamDHouse of Representatives$2,500.00
Frelinghuysen, RodneyRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Garamendi, JohnDHouse of Representatives$1,500.00
Gardner, CoryRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Gonzalez, CharlieDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Hahn, JaniceDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Herger, WallyRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Honda, MikeDHouse of Representatives$3,000.00
Hoyer, StenyDHouse of Representatives$2,500.00
Israel, Steve J.DHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Issa, DarrellRHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Lee, BarbaraDHouse of Representatives$1,500.00
Lewis, JerryRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Lofgren, ZoeDHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Lujan, BenDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Lungren, Daniel E.RHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Matsui, DorisDHouse of Representatives$4,000.00
McCarthy, KevinRHouse of Representatives$5,000.00
McClintock, ThomasRHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
McNerney, JerryDHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Murphy, TimRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Napolitano, GraceDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Pallone, FrankDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Pelosi, NancyDHouse of Representatives$2,500.00
Rahall, Nick JoeDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Rogers, Michael J.RHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Roskam, PeterRHouse of Representatives$3,000.00
Roybal-Allard, LucyDHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Rush, Bobby L.DHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Terry, LeeRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Thompson, Bennie G.DHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Thompson, MikeDHouse of Representatives$3,000.00
Upton, FredrickRHouse of Representatives$5,000.00
Walden, GregRHouse of Representatives$1,000.00
Waxman, HenryDHouse of Representatives$2,000.00
Whitfield, EdwardRHouse of Representatives$2000.00
Total U.S. House Contributions$94,250.00
American Gas Association Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Asian American Action FundN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Blue Dog Political Action CommitteeDGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Committee for Hispanic Causes/Building Our Leadership Diversity PAC (CHC BOLD PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
Continuing a Majority Party Action Committee (CAMPAC)RLeadership PAC$2,500.00
Democratic Congressional Campaign CommitteeDPolitical Party$15,000.00
Democratic Party of Contra Costa CountyDPolitical Party$500.00
Democratic Senatorial Campaign CommitteeDPolitical Party$15,000.00
Every Republican Is Crucial (ERICPAC)RLeadership PAC$2,500.00
Fund for the MajorityDLeadership PAC$5,000.00
Majority Committee PAC - MC PACRLeadership PAC$5,000.00
National Republican Congressional CommitteeRPolitical Party$15,000.00
National Republican Senatorial CommitteeRPolitical Party$15,000.00
New Democratic CoalitionDGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
New PACDLeadership PAC$2,500.00
Nuclear Energy Institute Federal Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
PAC to the FutureDLeadership PAC$2,500.00
People for Enterprise Trade and Economic Growth (PETE PAC)RLeadership PAC$1,000.00
PowerPAC of the Edison Electrical InstituteN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Republican Main street Partnership PACRGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Solidarity PACDLeadership PAC$1,500.00
TFP-FOJB CommitteeRJoint Fundraising Committee$10,000.00
Total Leadership/Other PAC Contributions$122,500.00
Total Federal PAC Contributions$237,750.00