2011 Campaign Contributions
The following candidates, state and local ballot measures, political parties and other committees received corporate campaign contributions from PG&E in 2011:
Candidate/Committee/Organization Party Office 2011 Total
Aaronson, ToddN/ACity Council, City of Modesto$500.00
Achadjian, KatchoRAssembly$3,900.00
Aguirre, AliciaN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City$250.00
Alejo, LuisDAssembly$3,000.00
Allard, JohnRAssembly$1,500.00
Allen, MichaelDAssembly$1,000.00
Apodaca, AnaN/AMayor, City of Newark$250.00
Armeta, FernandoN/ASupervisor, Monterey County$500.00
Armstrong, HarryN/ACity Council, City of Clovis$1,000.00
Ashby, AngeliqueN/ACity Council, City of Sacramento$250.00
Atkin, RuthN/ACity Council, City of Emeryville$250.00
Atkins, ToniDAssembly$3,900.00
Baca, JoeDAssembly$1,500.00
Baca, Jr., JoeDAssembly$1,500.00
Bain, IanN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City$250.00
Belforte, GinaN/ACity Council, City of Rohnert Park$300.00
Berryhill, BillRAssembly$3,900.00
Blake, BillN/AMayor, City of Merced$750.00
Bloom, RichardDAssembly$500.00
Bocanegra, RaulDAssembly$3,900.00
Bologoff, Cyril "Cy"N/ACity Council, City of Brisbane$100.00
Bonilla, SusanDAssembly$1,900.00
Bradford, StevenDAssembly$3,900.00
Buchanan, JoanDAssembly$4,900.00
Buenaventura, RaymondN/ACity Council, City of Daly City$250.00
Butler, BetsyDAssembly$1,000.00
Campos, NoraDAssembly$2,400.00
Canepa, DavidN/ACity Council, City of Daly City$250.00
Carbajal, SaludN/ASupervisor, Santa Barbara County$1,300.00
Carlisle, JohnN/ACity Council, City of Merced$650.00
Carlson, KeithRAssembly$1,000.00
Carrillo, EfrenN/ASupervisor, Sonoma County$500.00
Cervantes, RichardN/ACity Council, City of Merced$650.00
Chiesa, VitoN/ASupervisor, Stanislaus County$1,000.00
Cogdill, Jr., DaveN/ACity Council, City of Modesto$500.00
Colapietro, MargeN/ACity Council, City of Millbrae$100.00
Conway, ConnieRAssembly$3,900.00
Coto, JoeDSenate$2,000.00
Davis, GaryN/ACity Council, City of Elk Grove$500.00
Davis, NoraN/ACity Council, City of Daly City$75.00
De Leon, KevinDSenate$1,500.00
De Saulnier, MarkDSenate$2,900.00
Deterick, SteveN/ACity Council, City of Elk Grove$750.00
Dickinson, RogerDAssembly$4,900.00
Dutton, BobRAssembly$3,900.00
Emmerson, BillRSenate$3,900.00
Fang, JamesN/ABoardmember, Bay Area Rapid Transit Board of Directors$500.00
Fong, PaulDAssembly$2,900.00
Foust, RosanneN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City$250.00
Freschet, MaureenN/ACity Council, City of San Mateo$250.00
Fritchen, DaleN/ACity Council, City of Stockton$1,500.00
Gaines, BethRAssembly$5,400.00
Gaines, TedRSenate$1,500.00
Garbarino, RichardN/ACity Council, City of South San Francisco$250.00
Glover, Federal D.N/AOfficeholder: Supervisor, Contra Costa County$1,500.00
Gomez, JimmyDAssembly$1,000.00
Gordon, Richard S.DAssembly$1,000.00
Gorell, JeffRAssembly$2,500.00
Gottschalk, RobertN/ACity Council, City of Millbrae$100.00
Gray, AdamDAssembly$3,900.00
Grove, ShannonRAssembly$3,900.00
Halderman, LindaRAssembly$3,900.00
Hall, IsadoreDAssembly$2,600.00
Hannigan, ErinN/ACity Council, City of Vallejo$250.00
Harkey, DianeRAssembly$1,500.00
Harris, MikeN/ACity Council, City of Petaluma$200.00
Hawn, BradN/AMayor, City of Modesto$750.00
Hernandez, RogerDAssembly$3,000.00
Hill, AdamN/ASupervisor, San Luis Obispo County$2,500.00
Hodge, JasonDMayor, City of Salinas$3,900.00
Huber, AlysonDAssembly$1,000.00
Hueso, BenDAssembly$2,000.00
Huff, RobertRState Senate$3,900.00
Johannessen, MikeN/ACity Council, City of West Sacramento$250.00
Johnson, KevinN/AMayor, City of Sacramento$3,650.00
Kiesel, ArtN/ACity Council, City of Foster City$100.00
Knight, StevenRAssembly$3,900.00
Lara, RicardoDAssembly$3,900.00
Lavagnino, SteveN/ASupervisor, Santa Barbara County$1,000.00
Lee, WayneN/ACity Council, City of Millbrae$100.00
Lieu, TedDAssembly$1,000.00
Logue, DanRAssembly$1,500.00
Lowenthal, BonnieDSenate$3,900.00
Lowery, DianaN/ACity Council, City of Stockton$1,000.00
Luce, MarkN/ASupervisor, Napa County$500.00
MacGlashan, RobertaN/ASupervisor, Sacramento County$250.00
Malgapo, Jesus C.N/ACity Council, City of Vallejo$250.00
Mansoor, AllanRAssembly$1,500.00
Marsh, GarradN/AMayor, City of Modesto$750.00
Matthews, JackN/ACity Council, City of San Mateo$250.00
McGowan, MikeN/ASupervisor, Yolo County$500.00
Mecham, FrankN/ASupervisor, San Luis Obispo County$1,000.00
Mendoza, TonyDSenate$2,000.00
Miley, NateN/ASupervisor, Alameda County$500.00
Miller, JeffRSenate$1,500.00
Mitchell, Holly J.DAssembly$3,800.00
Mitzelfelt, BradN/ASupervisor, San Bernardino County$1,000.00
Mullin, KevinN/ACity Council, City of South San Francisco$250.00
Murphy, MikeN/ACity Council, City of Merced$650.00
Nejedly Piepho, MaryN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County$1,675.00
Nestande, BrianRAssembly$1,500.00
Newsom, GavinDLieutenant Governor$7,000.00
Nielsen, JimRAssembly$3,900.00
Olivia, AnneN/ACity Council, City of Millbrae$100.00
Olsen, Kristin M.RAssembly$3,900.00
Perea, Henry T.DAssembly$3,900.00
Perez, John A.DAssembly$3,900.00
Perez, ManuelDAssembly$2,000.00
Pierce, BarbaraN/ACity Council, City of Redwood City$250.00
Pine, DaveN/ASupervisor, San Mateo County$500.00
Potter, DavidN/ASupervisor, Monterey County$500.00
Rabbitt, DavidN/ASupervisor, Sonoma County$1,000.00
Rendon, AnthonyDAssembly$2,000.00
Royce, RandyN/ACity Council, City of San Carlos$100.00
Runner, SharronRSenate$2,900.00
Salinas, SimonN/ASupervisor, Monterey County$500.00
Sampayan, BobN/ACity Council, City of Vallejo$250.00
Schwartz, DeborahN/ACity Council, City of Santa Barbara$200.00
Smyth, CameronRSenate$1,500.00
Spriggs, BillN/AMayor, City of Merced$750.00
Swanson, SandreDSenate$3,900.00
Techel, JillN/AMayor, City of Napa$1,000.00
Terry, DonaldN/ABoardmember, Sacramento City School Board$200.00
Timm, ChuckN/ACity Council, City of Fairfield$500.00
Vaccaro, RickN/ACity Council, City of Fairfield$500.00
Valadao, DavidRAssembly$1,500.00
Van de Brooke, TomiN/ASupervisor, Contra Costa County$1,675.00
Vargas, JuanDSenate$2,000.00
Walters, MimiRSenate$2,000.00
Wieckowski, RobertDAssembly$1,000.00
Williams, DasDAssembly$3,500.00
Wright, RodDSenate$3,900.00
Total California Corporate Contributions to Candidates$220,575.00
AFL-CIO Unity PAC, a Sponsored Committee of the Alameda Labor CouncilN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation ProjectN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Asian American Political Empowerment CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Asian Pacific Dempcratic ClubN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $32,500.00
Asian Pacific-Islander Empowerment PAC (API Empowerment PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$6,000.00
Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $1,000.00
Bay Area Municipal Elections CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
Building California's Future: John A. Perez Ballot Measure Committee DCandidate-Controlled Ballot Committee$5,000.00
Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco PAC - IE N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
California Apartment Association Political Action Committee N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
California Business Round Table Issues PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $3,000.00
California Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee, AKA ChamberPACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$200.00
California Farm Bureau Fund to Protect the Family Farm (Farm PAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,000.00
California Legislative Black Caucus Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$15,000.00
California Republican PartyRPolitical Party$26,000.00
Californians for Jobs and a Strong EconomyN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Californians for Voter Turnout, Education & RegistrationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
City Residents Opposing Ed Lee for Mayor 2011N/AIndependent Expenditure PAC - Opposing Ed Lee$15,000.00
Coalition for a Safer CaliforniaN/AIndependent Expenditure PAC$50,000.00
Committee on Jobs Government Reform FundN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$85,000.00
Common Sense San JoaquinN/ALAFCO Application$955,507.96
Democratic State Central Committee of CaliforniaDPolitical Party$162,561.50
Diversity PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$20,000.00
El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Emeryville Chamber of Commerce PAC (EmPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,000.00
Equality California Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $2,500.00
Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,900.00
Felipe Fuentes Reform California Ballot Measure CommitteeDCandidate-Controlled Ballot Committee$7,000.00
Fix Our Streets - Yes on BN/ABallot Measure Committee, San Francisco $5,000.00
Fresno Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Fresno-Madera-Tulare-Kings Labor Council Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Golden Gate Restaurant Association Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$15,000.00
Golden State Leadership Fund PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$25,000.00
Harry S. Truman Club - StateN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$1,250.00
Honor PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
JobsPAC, A Bi-Partisan Coalition of California EmplyoersN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$30,000.00
Kern County Republican Central Cmte - Non FedRPolitical Party$1,200.00
Latino Connection Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
League of California Cities CITIPACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$4,100.00
Marin Builders Association Political Action Committee (BAPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Monterey Bay Central Labor Council Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
Moving California Forward a Committee Controlled by Anthony PortantinoDCandidate-Controlled Ballot Committee$2,500.00
M-PAC San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
North Bay Leadership Council Issues PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
North Bay Leadership Council PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$6,500.00
Oakland Black CaucusN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Oakland Jobs PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Oakland Metropolitan Chambr of Commerce (OAKPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee $15,000.00
Pacific Gas & Electric Company State and Local PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$8,221.90
Parents for Great Schools Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$450.00
Peninsula Coalition Issues PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Plan C San Francisco PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Prosperity for California, A Ballot Measure Committee Sponsored by Jose Solorio DCandidate-Controlled Ballot Committee$10,000.00
Republican Central Committee of San Luis Obispo CountyRPolitical Party$14,000.00
Rocklin Area Chamber Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee $5,000.00
Salinas Valley Democratic ClubN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
San Franciscans United for Pension and Health Reform, Yes on C, No on DN/ABallot Measure Committee, San Francisco$10,000.00
San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council POWER PACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,500.00
San Francisco Forward Sponsored by San Francisco Chamber of CommerceN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$30,000.00
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (ChamberPAC)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$10,000.00
San Mateo County Central Labor Council Committee on Political EducationN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building and Constrcution Trades Council - Issues CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,000.00
Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee United Democratic CampaignDPolitical Party$2,000.00
Santa Rosa Chamber Business and Community Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$7,000.00
Save Our Community Hospital, Yes on JN/ABallot Measure Committee, West Contra Costa Healthcare District$250.00
SLO County Democratic PartyDPolitical Party$1,000.00
Sonoma County Alliance Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Sonoma Valley Community Political Action CommitteeN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$7,000.00
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council Committee on Political Education (COPE)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$9,500.00
Stanislaus Republican Central CommitteeRPolitical Party$45,000.00
SUNPACN/AGeneral Purpose Committee$3,000.00
Tulare County Republican Central CommitteeRPolitical Party$35,000.00
Turlock Action for Business - Political Action Committee (Sponsored by Turlock Chamber of Commerce)N/AGeneral Purpose Committee$2,000.00
Unity PAC, a Sponsored Committee of the Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CION/AGeneral Purpose Committee$5,000.00
Wright, RodrickDLegal Defense Fund$5,000.00
Total Corporate Contributions to Other Committees$1,839,641.36
Total Corporate Contributions$2,060,216.36