Employee Code of Conduct

Revised August 2013

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Whether it's improving safety and reliability, delivering better service for our customers, or earning back their trust and confidence, all of us at PG&E1 are working hard to ensure that our company is on a solid foundation for the future. Strong performance is critical to our success, but just as important is how we go about achieving results - with honesty and respect, without taking shortcuts, and by operating ethically and with integrity in all that we do.

To help guide and align our behaviors as we make business decisions that impact our daily operations, we rely on our Employee Code of Conduct, which outlines our values and describes our standards for conduct, compliance, and avoiding conflicts of interest. It supports our continuing commitment to honest and ethical conduct and compliance with both the letter and the spirit of all laws, rules, and regulations, and our company's policies, standards, and procedures.

Use our values and this Code as guides whenever you have a question about the right thing to do. For additional guidance, you should talk to your supervisor or Human Resources representative, or call the Compliance and Ethics Helpline at 888-231-2310.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to delivering safe, reliable, affordable gas and electric service - and doing so ethically and with integrity.

Tony Earley
Chairman, CEO, and President
PG&E Corporation2
1 In this Code of Conduct, the term "PG&E" refers to PG&&E Corporation and its affiliates and subsidiaries, including Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The conduct, conflict of interest, and compliance standards in this code apply to all employees and officers of PG&E.
2 letter was edited to reflect the 2015 retirement of Chris Johns as the president of Pacific Gas and Electric Company. All content within this version of the Code of Conduct remains the same.