Meet our officers

  • Nick Stavropoulos

    Nick Stavropoulos

    President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Karen A. Austin

    Karen A. Austin

    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

  • Laurie M. Giammona

    Laurie M. Giammona

    Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

  • Edward (Ed) D. Halpin

    Edward (Ed) D. Halpin

    Senior Vice President, Generation and Chief Nuclear Officer

  • Patrick (Pat) M. Hogan

    Patrick (Pat) M. Hogan

    Senior Vice President of Electric Operations

  • Julie M. Kane

    Julie M. Kane

    Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel

  • Steven (Steve) E. Malnight

    Steven (Steve) E. Malnight

    Senior Vice President, Strategy and Policy

  • Dinyar B. Mistry

    Dinyar B. Mistry

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer

  • Jesus Soto Jr.

    Jesus Soto Jr.

    Senior Vice President, Gas Operations

  • Fong Wan

    Fong Wan

    Senior Vice President, Energy Policy and Procurement

  • Deborah T. Affonsa

    Deborah T. Affonsa

    Vice President, Customer Service

  • Barry D. Anderson

    Barry D. Anderson

    Vice President, Electric Distribution

  • Valerie J. Bell

    Valerie J. Bell

    Vice President, Information Technology Operations

  • Nicholas M. Bijur

    Nicholas M. Bijur

    Vice President and Treasurer

  • Stephen J. Cairns

    Stephen J. Cairns

    Vice President, Internal Audit

  • Mark T. Caron

    Mark T. Caron

    Vice President, Tax

  • Linda Y.H. Cheng

    Linda Y.H. Cheng

    Vice President, Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretary

  • Bernard A. Cowens

    Bernard A. Cowens

    Vice President and Chief Security Officer

  • Kevin J. Dasso

    Kevin J. Dasso

    Vice President, Electric Asset Management

  • Tim Fitzpatrick

    Tim Fitzpatrick

    Vice President, Corporate Relations and Chief Communications Officer

  • Jon Franke

    Jon Franke

    Vice President, Generation Technical Services

  • John C. Higgins

    John C. Higgins

    Vice President, Safety and Health

  • Aaron J. Johnson

    Aaron J. Johnson

    Vice President, Customer Energy Solutions

  • Kathleen B. Kay

    Kathleen B. Kay

    Vice President, Business Technology

  • Robert S. Kenney

    Robert S. Kenney

    Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

  • Mary K. King

    Mary K. King

    Vice President, Human Resources

  • Travis T. Kiyota

    Travis T. Kiyota

    Vice President, California External Affairs

  • Roy M. Kuga

    Roy M. Kuga

    Vice President, Grid Integration and Innovation

  • Gregg L. Lemler

    Gregg L. Lemler

    Vice President, Electric Transmission Operations

  • Janet C. Loduca

    Janet C. Loduca

    Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

  • Scott Sanford

    Scott Sanford

    Vice President, Customer Operations

  • Gun S. Shim

    Gun S. Shim

    Vice President, Supply Chain Management

  • Sumeet Singh

    Sumeet Singh

    Vice President, Gas Asset and Risk Management

  • David S. Thomason

    David S. Thomason

    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Controller

  • Roland I. Trevino

    Roland I. Trevino

    Vice President, Gas Engineering and Design

  • James (Jim) M. Welsch

    James (Jim) M. Welsch

    Vice President, Nuclear Generation

  • Andrew (Andy) K. Williams

    Andrew (Andy) K. Williams

    Vice President, Land and Environmental