PG&E Team,

Every day, 16 million Californians depend on us to safely and reliably provide affordable, clean energy. And every day, our reputation is on the line. We are all responsible for doing our work with the highest standards and for acting with integrity, transparency and humility. Our Code of Conduct is one of our best tools for getting this right.

With our Mission, Vision and Culture as the foundation, our Code of Conduct helps to ensure that all of us understand the expectations and requirements for which we are accountable and how we go about meeting them. Please take time to read and understand this Code and bring it to life in your own role at PG&E. Living up to the Code helps us earn and safeguard the trust of our customers, regulators, coworkers and community members. If you ever have questions about our Code, or if you have concerns about safety, possible misconduct or potential violations of laws, regulations or internal requirements, promptly notify your leader or contact resources such as our Compliance & Ethics Helpline or Corrective Action Program. Pacific Gas and Electric Company is currently in a five-year probation program as part of the company’s sentence for violating the National Gas Pipeline Safety Act and for obstructing an agency proceeding. The program includes an independent monitor, and we are fully cooperating with the monitor team.

To live up to our commitments on safety, transparency and continuous improvement, we need a culture where everyone feels comfortable raising safety or misconduct concerns and where we work as one team to solve our challenges. I invite everyone to speak up with confidence as part of our no-retaliation policy. The leadership team is committed to listening up and following up.

Thank you for your commitment to following our Code of Conduct and to the success of PG&E. I look forward to working together to make the future as bright as it can be for our customers and our company.


CEO and President

PG&E Corporation

Download or print a copy of the Employee Code of Conduct (PDF 1.06 MB)