• Richard R. Barrera

    Founder, CEO and Portfolio Manager, Roystone Capital Management LP

  • Jeffrey L. Bleich

    Chair of the Board of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Attorney, former Special Counsel to the President, U.S. Ambassador, and California State Bar President

  • Nora Mead Brownell

    Chair of the Board of PG&E Corporation and Co-Founder of Espy Energy Solutions LLC

  • Frederick W. Buckman

    Retired President and CEO of Powerlink Transmission Company

  • Cheryl F. Campbell

    Consultant, Executive Director, Gold Shovel Association

  • Fred J. Fowler

    Retired Chairman of the Board, Spectra Energy Partners, LP

  • Michael J. Leffell

    Founder, Portage Partners LLC and Chairman of Canoe Software

  • Kenneth Liang

    Former senior Managing Director and Head of Restructurings, Oaktree Capital Management

  • Dominique Mielle

    Former Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager, Canyon Partners LLC

  • Meridee A. Moore

    Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Watershed Asset Management

  • Eric D. Mullins

    Co-CEO of Lime Rock Resources, L.P.

  • Kristine M. Schmidt

    Former Chief Executive Officer of Peak Utility Services Group

  • Alejandro D. Wolff

    Former Managing Director, Gryphon Partners

Audit Committees (PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

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Oversees and monitors:

  • Integrity of the company financial statements, and financial and accounting practices
  • Internal controls over financial reporting, and external and internal auditing programs
  • Selection and oversight of the companies' Independent Auditor
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, in concert with other Board committees
  • Related party transactions
  • With the assistance of other Board committees, risk management and assessment

Dominique Mielle (Chair)
Richard R. Barrera
Eric D. Mullins

Compensation Committee (PG&E Corporation)

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Oversees matters relating to compensation and benefits, including:

  • Compensation for non-employee directors
  • Development, selection, and compensation of policy-making officers
  • Annual approval of the corporate goals and objectives of the PG&E Corporation CEO and the Utility CEO (or if the Utility CEO office is not filled, any Utility President)
  • Management evaluation and officer succession
  • Employment, compensation, and benefits policies and practices
  • Potential risks arising from compensation policies and practices
  • Retention and oversight of the Committee's independent compensation consultants, legal counsel, or other advisors

Meridee A. Moore (Chair)
Kenneth Liang
Alejandro D. Wolff

Compliance and Public Policy Committee (PG&E Corporation)

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Coordinates the compliance-related oversight of the various committees of the Boards, including:

  • The companies' compliance and ethics program
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and internal policies and standards
  • Internal or external compliance reviews or audits

Oversees public policy, sustainability, and corporate responsibility issues that could affect customers, shareholders, or employees, including:

  • Energy policy positions
  • Environmental protection, quality, and compliance
  • Community relations programs, activities, and contributions
  • Political contributions and political activities
  • Diversity and inclusion

Kristine M. Schmidt (Chair)
Jeffrey L. Bleich
Cheryl F. Campbell
Michael J. Leffell
Alejandro D. Wolff

Executive Committees (PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

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Exercises powers and performs duties of the applicable Board, subject to limits imposed by state law.

Nora Mead Brownell (Chair)
Richard R. Barrera
Jeffrey L. Bleich*
Cheryl F. Campbell
Michael J. Leffell
Dominique Mielle
Meridee A. Moore
Kristine M. Schmidt

*Chair of Pacific Gas and Electric Company Executive Committee

Finance Committee (PG&E Corporation)

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Oversees matters relating to financial and investment planning, policies, and risks, including:

  • Strategic plans and initiatives
  • Financial and investment plans and strategies
  • Dividend policy

Richard R. Barrera (Chair)
Cheryl F. Campbell
Fred J. Fowler
Kenneth Liang
Meridee A. Moore

Nominating and Governance Committee (PG&E Corporation)

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Oversees matters relating to selection of directors and corporate governance, including:

  • Recommending Board candidates, including reviewing skills and characteristics required of Board members
  • Selection of the chairmanship and membership of Board committees, and the nomination of a lead director of each company's Board, if necessary
  • Corporate governance matters, including the companies' governance principles and practices, and the review of shareholder proposals
  • Evaluation of the Boards' performance and effectiveness

Michael J. Leffell (Chair)
Meridee A. Moore
Kristine M. Schmidt

Safety and Nuclear Oversight Committee (PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

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Oversees matters relating to safety, operational performance, and compliance issues related to the Utility's nuclear, generation, gas and electric transmission, and gas and electric distribution operations and facilities ("Operations and Facilities"), including:

  • Principal risks arising out of the Operations and Facilities, the process used by management to analyze and identify these risks, and the effectiveness of programs to manage or mitigate these risks.
  • The Utility's goals, programs, policies, and practices with respect to promoting a strong safety culture
  • Periodically visiting the Utility's nuclear and other operating facilities

Cheryl F. Campbell (Chair)
Jeffrey L. Bleich
Nora Mead Brownell
Fred J. Fowler
Eric D. Mullins
Kristine M. Schmidt